Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Star Wars Dark Side 10k 2017 (Tuesdays on the Run Edition)

Here is my recap from the Star Wars Dark Side 10k.

If you missed my previous posts, please take a moment to catch up.
We got up early again and got an early bus.  This race we had bags to check and characters to visit.  We decided that we wanted to visit with Darth Vader, so Franklin got in line while Kelly and I went to drop off our bags.  

Once we got our picture with him we headed to our corals.  All three of us were in different corals so we parted ways.  I got up to the front of the area and waited for the race to start.  As my coral started moving, I was in the front with the runDisney banner.

We started off in the Magic Kingdom parking lot and headed our way to Hollywood Studios.  There really wasn't much of anything to see for the first 3 1/2 miles.  They did have a couple places where they were showing clips of movies.  The weather was warm and a bit humid, but not as bad as what they were calling for.

Before we went into Hollywood Studios the 501st Legion was out there cheering for the runners and taking pictures.

We turned into Hollywood Studios, passed the Tower of Terror, and then exited the park.  We were in the park for a blink of an eye.  We had nothing but side roads for almost 4 miles and then when we finally were able to get into a park, we exited before we could really start enjoying ourselves.

We headed down the path that lead us to the Boardwalk.  At this point things got a little tight, but not too bothersome.  

I did notice that there were people that were running on the other side of the water.  They were not part of the Star Wars 10k as the course did not go that way.  But there were more then a few people out there running and they seemed to have bibs on.  It was weird and I never figured it out.  I then saw this guy on the bridge at the Boardwalk.  He was there to cheer us on with all the other people.  He was very close to the other spectators.  It amazes me how most of the wildlife at Disney is not afraid of the people.  Probably because of all the people food that gets tossed to them.

We made our way to the Boardwalk.  I love running on the Boardwalk at Disney races.  There are a lot more people that come out to cheer on the runners here.  After almost 5 miles of boring course and almost no spectators, it's such an uplifting moment to run there.

Right before we entered into Epcot, Chewie was there where he was the day before in the 5k.  The line was longer then it was the day before.  I was happy to be getting into Epcot as I knew that the race had to be close to over with.  We entered in near the UK Pavilion and headed to Spaceship Earth and out to the finish line that is the same finish line in most WDW runDisney events.  

Where the choir usually is, I found a very short line for Chewie and Rey.  This Chewie looked a little lighter then what I was used to, but hey, it's fun.  

Then I got a picture with some Rebel Troopers and some Stormtroopers.  At this point I was a bit confused by them and then I headed towards the finish line and saw more characters.  Ohhh, it was another group of the 501st Legion that was out there to cheer us on.  

I rounded the corner and there was the finish line.  I was happy that this race was done.  As I crossed I saw another Stormtrooper who was telling us to keep moving there was nothing to see.  But I jumped in and got a selfie before crossing the finish line.

After crossing the finish line, we had the same water, Powerade, and food boxes.  I brought my own bag that folded up nicely in my belt.  I was glad to have it and think I'll be doing that for other races.

Overall I thought the course was VERY boring.  Nothing like running for 3 miles in the dark with nothing to look at.  I felt like I was on a training run and not a race.  Once we hit parks and property it started to be lots of fun, but that was only for like 2 miles.

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Do you like running on the Boardwalk?  Have you put a plastic bag in your running belt just to hold all of the goodies after the race?


  1. That's a good idea to have a bag in your running belt, I've never thought of that. I had heard that there was another 5k going on at the same time, I think organized by a group or convention at the Swan and Dolphin. Weird that they never thought to check first if there was a Run Disney event at the same time...

    1. Wow, it is interesting that they did that. Especially since, I would assume, that they would have to coordinate with Disney to do something like that.

  2. Hmm I am now curious why those other runners had bibs on?
    Besides the highway miles, i'd like this course as it is different from the other Disney 10k courses!
    Good call on packing that bag!

    1. I like the different courses as well, but that was sooooo boring.

  3. I never thought to pack a bag for the post-race goodies. I definitely needed one after Tink last year, and trying to make my way back to my hotel without dropping anything.

    1. Yeah, it makes it so much easier to get back to the hotel, especially when you are tired and take a third bottle of water cause you are really thirsty.

  4. The bag for post race goodies is a great idea! Sounds like not the greatest course though...