About Me

Hi!  To sum me up, I'm single, in my 40's, work a boring job in IT, and have three cats.  Oh and like to run.

A few feet from finishing my first marathon at Disney.

I do have a lot of interests, but my main one right now is running.  I started running in 2010 and since have done a lot of races, including half and full distances.  I have also done a few triathlons, including an Olympic distance.  This is how I got into running. 

I love TV and have recently cut the cable cord.  The funny thing is, I thought I would be watching less, but no, I'm watching more.  I also love to read.  Give me a good mystery and I'll be in heaven.

I have three cats, yes, I'm the crazy cat lady down the road.  I have the Old Lady, who is my 18 year old and only 4 pounds.  Then I have the boys, who are 3.  I found them in my back yard and had to bring them in to be part of the family.  The Old Lady HATES the boys just as much as they LOVE her.  They are all very good cuddlers, so that's what counts.

I've started many blogs in the past and most only have 4-5 posts.  This time I wanted to document my training for the 2016 Marine Corps Marathon.  And so far I have continued to blog.  Come follow my journey to see if it does help.

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