Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekly Wrap (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

With the time change yesterday, I felt like the whole day got away from me.  It didn't help that while I knew the time changed, I didn't bother changing my clocks till the evening.

Last weekend I took off running so that I could rest my legs after Princess.  I ran a couple of times but just felt blah and my legs were heavy.  It was a good decision just to skip my long run on Saturday.  Monday rolled around and I had 4 miles on the schedule.  Well I didn't realize that I also had a conference to go to for work and I had to be there at 7.  That meant that I would have had to get up a couple hours early just to get my run in and that was not going to happen, especially on a Monday.  I deserved another rest day, didn't I? :)

Tuesday I want to the gym for my FT class.  We are still in that area out in the open and no one is using the classroom.  We still don't understand why we were kicked out.

Wednesday I got out for a run.  It felt good and I enjoyed being out there in the morning when it wasn't dark.  I knew this was the last week for that.  When I got back I realized that I had 4 miles planned and I only did 3.  Oh well.  I did get to see this very pretty sunrise.

Wednesday evening I went to PT and while nothing really was hurting for him to work on, my quads were still really tight from the Princess Half Marathon.  He worked my right glut, which really needed it and then my left hip area.  Right at the joint on the side.  And OMG, I haven't felt that kind of pain from the PT in quite awhile.  That one area radiated down to my quads, IT band, and glut.  I knew that the pain would make everything feel better once it was worked out.  It just needed to be worked out.

Thursday was another gym day.  Nothing too exciting there.  It was a good opportunity to work out my hip from PT the day before.

Friday I was feeling good, so I added a couple extra miles.  I was already up a little early and had 3 planned.  I got out and decided that I would start my 4 mile loop and see how I felt.  I could always cut that to 3 miles if needed.  My IT band bothered me a little from PT two days before but it wasn't a pain I felt like I needed to worry about.  I ended up doing an extra mile for a total of 5.  By the end my IT band was feeling better.  It really was a good run.

Saturday I planned on doing at least 9 miles.  After a good run the day before, I thought I would be motivated for another really good run.  Well I talked myself out of it.  And it really wasn't that hard.  It wasn't the weather or any pain I was having.  I was just tired and didn't feel like going out.  Maybe on Sunday.  I did get my benefits for my job done, as well as my taxes filed.  So I was productive somewhat.  A friend came over and we went to Fuddruckers.  They had closed the one near my house years ago and they opened one a little north of the city awhile ago.  We wanted to check it out and see if it was as good as we remembered.  He said the burger was good but the turnkey burger was not.  We probably won't be back any time soon.  We did end up watching Office Space after dinner.  We haven't seen that movie in ages and it still makes me laugh.

Sunday I thought I'd try to get my missed run in from Saturday.  Even if I didn't get the whole 9 miles done, I thought I would get some.  I got up and got dressed and went downstairs and just couldn't get further then that.  The thought of running was just something I didn't feel like going out to do.  I'm not sure if I'm getting back into my running rut or not.  I hope not as I had such a great couple months of getting back in the swings and really enjoying it again.

I thought maybe if I had a treadmill I might have run.  It just seemed to take so much energy to get outside.  I really don't have the room as is, and would have to move a lot of furniture around, including a huge desk in my office.  I did do some research and did find a couple that I liked, but I'm not sure if I really should spend the money on it.  Do I buy one used?  And is it really safe to have something like that upstairs?  I might be able to put it in the front room, but that's where all my knickknacks are.  Would they be safe or would they rattle with the running?  A lot to think about.

How much time do you take off after a race?  Have you seen Office Space?  Do you have a treadmill?  How did you change your living area for it?

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Princess Expo 2018 (Friday Five Edition)

I realized that I didn't get any photos of the expo buildings or area.  Oh well, you will have to use your imagination. :)  I'm not sure if this is normal for the Princess Weekend Expo, but the first day didn't open up till noon.  I had been to other runDisney expos and they all had opened first thing in the morning.  The noon opening worked out well for me as I didn't get to Florida till after 1, and not getting to the expo till 3.

1 - Buildings
This year, just like Marathon Weekend, they had put the official merchandise in it's own building.  I found this to be so much better.  It meant more walking, but everything just felt a bit more spacious and less claustrophobic.  Bus drop off was in a different location too, but about the same amount of walking so that didn't make much of a difference.  I knew that the official merchandise was in a different building and I had walked right by it.  I think I was thinking that there was a third building back with the other two and didn't even look at the first building.  I could have actually looked at the map that I had, or the one that I printed out, or looked online before I got there, but I didn't.

A=Official Merch, B=Bib Pickup, C=Expo, E=Kids Races

My first stop was to get a beer on tap with my runDisney cup.  I've done this at every expo that has the cups.  The new thing is some sort of alcoholic flavored sparkling water.  I tried that instead of beer and really liked it.

2 - Bibs
I headed and picked up my bib.  I didn't notice a third building back there, but still wasn't sure where the official merchandise was.  Again, I could have looked at several maps, but at this point I was going to get my bibs, shirts, check out the expo and figure out official merchandise later.  I was running the 5k and Fairy Tale Challenge, so I had 2 bibs to pick up.  While I was there I heard several people mention that the wait to get into the Official Merchandise was 2 hours.  Hmmm, not sure if I wanted to wait that long.  But I would check out the line when I finally found the place.

3 - Expo
I headed over and got my shirts, which were in the building with the expo booths.  That area was so much nicer to walk around.  While there were still a ton of people, it didn't feel packed.  Since the booths could spread out and use the space that the official merchandise usually uses, the walk ways were wider to allow more people to pass by.  I did see that Sweaty Bands was having a sale, so I picked up a few of those and headed over to get my shirts.  I looked at them long enough to try one on to make sure it fit fine and put them all back in the bag.  There wasn't much that I wanted to do there, so I headed out.  I did remember to buy a rolling stick from The Stick for my friend C who forgot to get it while she was there.  Now to find the Official Merchandise.

4 - Official Merchandise
My friend K had gotten the Race Retreat which meant that they could get into the expo at 10, instead of noon.  Fretting the merchandise that I wanted would be sold out by the time I got there, I gave her my shopping list.  She was awesome and was my personal shopper.  I still wanted to see the merchandise in person and planned on looking around and getting at least my "I did it" shirt that I knew wouldn't sell out so I didn't ask her to get it.

My other friend C, that had gotten there a couple hours before me said that the wait to get into the official merchandise was 2 hours.  Her family was there and she didn't want to wait in that line.  She asked if I would get her a Challenge Pin.  I wasn't sure if I would wait in line for 2 hours, but after asking a volunteer where to go, I went to check out the line.

I slowly realized that I had walked right past the building and kinda felt a little dumb.  They did have the race banners out of the main traffic near the building.  I thought that was nice.  I got my picture with the Fairy Tale banner and headed in to check out the line.

We were lead down a long hallway to a room on the right.  I knew that was probably the start of the line and that more lines would probably be across the hallway on the left.  It didn't look too bad in the room.  I waited in line for about 15 minutes till we were ushered across the hall.  And to my surprise we were in the Official Merchandise area!

I was shocked on how big the area was.  I didn't even think about taking a photo or video while I was in there.  The first couple rows of merchandise was their new Character Performance Wear.  It was tech clothes that was supposed to look like a character.  I didn't understand the characters till someone pointed them out to me.  They were cute, but I tend to buy most of my training clothing on the clearance rack.

The next rows each were dedicated to each race.  And there were still tons of merchandise of everything.  There were still Sweaty Bands.  There were still Pins.  There were still lots of everything that I could have wanted.  I guess K didn't really have to be my personal shopper, but you know Murphy's Law.  I picked up the pin for C and got my I did it shirt.  I did fall in love with the Fairy Tale jacket.  I just loved that color.

There was a section for just runDisney merchandise that is not race specific.  Here is where I found the lack of merchandise and sizes.  I had been eyeing a runDisney shirt online and thought that I might pick it up at the expo.  There they did not have my size.  I found a really cute "Race Day Checklist" that was princess themed that was really cute.  None in my size.  And then there were these shorts that I would have bought in a second.  Not in my size.  I found that interesting as they always have plenty stock of the generic runDisney items.

I did see that they had their personalized artwork for sale there.  Since I'm not a huge princess fan I didn't go over to that area.  But I do like that they are starting to do it at most of the races I have been.  It makes for such a special keepsake from the race weekend.

I got the couple things I came for and headed to the checkout line.  I probably waited about 20 minutes there, but the line moved quickly.

5 - Pre-purchased  Merchandise
I usually get the pre-perchased items as they are usually cute.  In the past they used to be something that you could not get at the expo, which made them special.  The last couple years I had found that they are the same as in the expo, but it was good to get them early as they usually sell out quickly.  This year, they were the same as in the expo and there were plenty of them when I went.  As for the pre-purchased jacket, I have gotten in the past and really had not liked the design and last year they stopped taking returns.  I decided that since I was not really into princesses, I would skip the jacket.

As I walked out of the official merchandise area I almost walked out without picking up my items.  Thankfully I heard someone mention them as I was heading out and made a u-turn.  I picked up the items, an ornament, figurine, and magnet.  The ornament was the same type as races past, which was a very cute running shoe.  The figurine was my favorite.  A very cute running Minnie Mouse.  When I saw the jacket I was so glad I didn't get it.  Not really my favorite design.

I got a picture with running Mickey and headed out.  I was exhausted!

I stopped and got a picture with Cinderella's carriage.  The volunteer that was helping to take photos said that it was her favorite job.  That was so awesome to hear.

Final loot:

Extra - Disney Springs
A new thing that I noticed was that they had a stop for Disney Springs in the bus loop at the expo.  This was a good thing as it meant I didn't have to go back to the hotel to head out there.  I wanted to get dinner (I was famished) and go to the Disney store.

I headed to Paddlefish for dinner.  I've been there a couple of times and it has not disappointed.  My favorite item there is the Crab Fries.  Yummy.  I ended up getting the Salmon which was very good.  Between the fries, salmon, and the bread for the table I was stuffed and had to take some of it back to my room.

I headed over to the Disney store after dinner.  I like to look around and I have a couple birthdays coming up that I wanted to see if I could get items for them.  It turns out that about 2/3 of the store was under construction.  There were still the same amount of people in the store and in that less space made it very claustrophobic.  I got a couple things and got out of there as quickly as I could.

I remembered buses near the Rain Forest Cafe side of Disney Springs and verified on the map that buses were still there.  When I got there I found that section was closed.  WTF?  I had to walk all the way across Disney Springs to get to the buses.  I was tired and just frustrated at that point.  I didn't need all this extra walking right before 3 days of races.  Oh well.

Where do you like to eat at Disney Springs?  Do you like to get to the expo right when it opens or wait till the crowds clear out some?

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Princess Weekly Wrap (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

Just a quick update of my week.

Monday we had off for President’s Day. I haven’t had that day off since I was in school. I ended up going to the movies to see Black Panther. It was good. Very beautiful and a couple cool fight scenes. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were very boring and nothing to report except i was getting ready for my trip. 

Thursday I flew down to Florida. For once I actually had a late morning flight instead of one of the first to leave the airport. 

Once in Florida I headed to the room. Candace had beat me there and checked in. She headed to the expo and then meet her family. Her husband drove the kids down last weekend since it was their spring break. 

There were some changes to the expo which were welcome. I felt less closterphobic with the official merchandise moving to its only building. I then headed to Disney Springs for dinner. 

Friday was the 5k. We basically walked the whole thing. 

We then cleaned up and headed to Animal Kingdom. We rode lots of rides and hung out with her family. 

Saturday was the 10k. We were in separate corrals and I didn’t want to hold her back as I knew she was going to meet up with her family. She started in the corral behind me and we still finished at the same time. She headed to breakfast and Epcot with her family and I had some much needed rest at the resort. 

Sunday was the half. I assumed that Candace would run ahead of me as she is a lot faster. But it turned out that she was having a lot of pain in her shin so she ended ended up walking a lot. I just stuck by her as it was more fun to have someone to be with then to do it alone. Though my legs were not prepared to walk that much and kept cramping. They needed to run more. I never thought that I would ever need to run more then walk. That’s just crazy. 

Candace has started her long car trip home and I’m headed to a celebration dinner with other Princesses that I haven’t seen yet on this trip. 

How was your week? Any other Princess runners out there?

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Love (Friday Five Edition)

With Valentine's week this week I thought I'd count the ways I love my kitties.

1. How they don't want me to leave the house to go to work.


2.  How they plot against me.

Aiden, Brianna, & Riley

3.  How they make friends.

Riley, Aiden, & Bree looking out at Duibhe

Bree telling Duibhe that she is not allowed in

4.  The funny things they do.

Just hanging around

We love Star Wars!

Sneaking a bite or two

King of the Throne

5.  Snuggles!!
She doesn't care if I have to work as long as she gets my lap

Nap time!

Snuggle down under the covers

All hanging out watching BBT

They may fight, but they snuggle together

My sweet old lady snoozing on my belly

How do you love your furry friends?

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What I Love About Running (Tuesdays on the Run Edition)

A few years ago I got this shirt.

At that point it was really true.

I love to plan.  So getting a training schedule together and putting it on a calendar is something I live for.

I love knowing I accomplished something great.  Weather it was a three mile training run or finishing a marathon.

But the actual running part?  BLECK!

And now?

For the most part all of that is still true.  After not running much for 9 months and enjoying some needed time off from running.  Not getting up super early to get the miles in before work was bliss.  But there was something missing.

Now that I'm back into the swing of things I still love the planning.  Looking at my week and see what days I have to run and how many miles.

The getting up early is hard, but I still love the accomplished feeling I get after finishing a run.  To know that I accomplish something very few people do.

Over the last year or so I have come to enjoy the running part.  Well at least when I get in the zone.  Thoughts of the day come and go.  My checklist goes through my head.  Blog ideas come to me.  While nothing gets solved in my head, it helps to just let it flow.

And I really do love my wall.

What do you love about running?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekly Wrap (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

Before I get started I wanted to see if there was anyone out there that has an Apple Watch and participate in the Activity Sharing, I'm looking for Activity Friends.  You can find my email in my profile or leave a comment.  

Another busy week.  This was my high mileage week before Princess.  I am officially on taper.

Monday I got up to run 3 miles.  As I was watching the local news for the current weather they were talking about all the ice on the roads from the rain that came through overnight.  They were talking about all of the accidents, naming at least 5 accidents on major highways.  I thought it best not to go out, slip on some ice, and bust my behind.  I mentioned the ice and not running at work and a coworker said that she went out for a run and it was very slick.  But apparently she has special shoes to help with the ice.  I felt like I made the right decision.  I had also found out that my friend that wasn't sure if he was being laid off, is being laid off.  He is there till the summer and has severance, so he has awhile to find another job.  I know he will find something quickly.

Tuesday was my FT class.  Well sort of.  Instead of letting us have our class till the end of February like they said we would, they forced us into the Strive area.  This area is small and out in the middle of the place.  It's made for 5-7 people and when we normally have over 10 we were in other member's way.  On top of that the classroom was empty.  Yup, they'd rather have us out in the middle of the gym then in a room.  I didn't feel like I got the workout I normally do.  It's very disappointing and no one but the manager of the gym was happy.  That afternoon I heard from a different friend of mine that worked with me at my last job.  She said that she found a new one.  I was so happy for her because where we used to work is so dysfunctional.  She is going to be so much happier.

Wednesday morning I absolutely couldn't sleep.  I kept waking up and finally at 4 I decided to go find a book to read.  I read for about an hour and was starting to get sleepy.  My alarm was to go off at 5:30.  I fell asleep for 15 minutes and awoke before my alarm.  I was actually refreshed so I just got up to start my run.  With missing my Monday run, I had to up my mileage for Wednesday to 5, so getting an earlier start was a good thing. 

I woke up with a sore throat, but didn't think much about it.  Throughout the winter I tend to have a lot of sore throats, especially in the morning.  But they never turn into anything.  During my run it didn't hurt at all and that usually is all there is.  After my run I noticed it again.  Throughout the day it just got worse.  When I got home I checked my temp, and no temp, which was good.  I took some NyQuil and went to bed early.

Thursday I headed to the new gym class.  We did the same thing we did on Tuesday.  It was boring and it was so motivating that I barely got my 30 minutes in of activity by the end of the day.  Yes, it only tracked 10 minutes of activity for the 45 minute class.  My throat was still hurting, so that didn't help.  In fact most of the day my throat hurt, again with no fever.  Bleck, this was too busy of a week to get sick.  I ended up emailing the director of the gym (cc'ing those that take the class as well) asking several questions that we all have been wondering.  She replied that she wouldn't answer the questions via email and will only see us individually.  This is very frustrating!!!

Friday I had another 5 mile run on the docket.  My sore throat was going away, but my head was very stuffy.  Like how your ears are stuffy when you are on a plane.  I was glad that I got out for a run.  I took it slow, but getting the heart pumping.  I kept thinking that the faster my heart pumped the quicker this bug would make it out of me. I did see another beautiful sunrise.

Saturday I was supposed to do 10 miles.  While it would be in the 40's throughout the morning, there was rain predicted to start at some point in the morning.  I decided to start earlier then the running group.  I knew it would take me awhile to get the miles in and I wanted to try and beat the rain.  I ended up really liking the 10 mile route that the group had planned.  It took us over the river and back then up through part of the city and back.  While my throat felt fine and my head wasn't very stuffy, I had mucus - ick!  So it was good that I could bail the run half way through if I needed.

While I love going over the river, I hate this particular bridge.  You can see all the way down and with my fear of heights I HATE it.

But seeing the river, even with the cloudy skies, can be very beautiful.

And I do like this bridge because it has a good hill down and a good hill up.

I got through the neighborhood and I saw this in someone’s yard. It reminded me of my grandmother who loved dead trees.

Then back over the bridge.

After crossing the bridge I saw the big group of runners I would be behind if I started with them.  I headed back through the city and felt good enough to continue on.  About mile 6 1/2 I felt a few drops.  Before I knew it, it had started raining.  Not a sprinkle, but not quite a rain.  I decided to push on.  While it was somewhere in the 40's the rain didn't make it colder.

After the turn around I had a couple miles to go and the rain became a true rain.  At this point I was just really tired of the rain and the run.  About a mile to go and the rain started to really come down.  Man that sucked.  It did make my last mile quick.  I was soaked by the time I got back to my car.  A hot shower was on the docket when I got home.  And then a nap.  I couldn't sleep, but a couple hours laying down helped.

That afternoon I had an appointment to get my hair cut.  I'm growing it out so that I can give it away to someone that needs it.  I finally felt like my hair was starting to grow, finally.  She trimmed and thinned it.  It's good for another 12 weeks.

That evening I went to see "Brave New World", a local play.  We usually get dinner before, but I wanted the extra time to just relax.  While I wasn't feeling bad, I was tired.  The play was good, it was 1984-ish.  While it was written back in the early 1900's it was about a future world where the "proper society" was perfect, well at least their Alphas and Betas were perfect, and everyone belonged to everyone.  And the "savages" believed in God and had families.  The word "Mother" and "Father" were profane words.  It was interesting, but I think I liked 1984 better.

Sunday is usually my day to stay home and get things done around the house.  I was finally starting to feel better.  Still some flem and mucus, but nothing annoying like Saturday.  But Sunday was my big fun of the weekend.  I met a friend for lunch and then we went to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with the music played by the symphony.  They played the movie on a screen without the music track and the symphony played live.

The symphony was great.  They didn't miss a beat throughout the whole movie.  They were so good that half the time I forgot there was a symphony there to play and got sucked into the movie.  I had to keep reminding myself that I payed a lot more then a regular movie ticket to see this and I should really appreciate the live music.  During the last scene people started leaving.  I know that almost everyone there probably has seen the movie, but why miss the credits where the symphony plays and you can really appreciate it?  Oh well, their loss.

Monday is right around the corner and there is another busy work week.  Last full week till Princess.

How sick do you have to be to not get out and run?  Do you like to go to the symphony?

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekly Wrap (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

I keep thinking that each week will be a little less crazy then the one before and I am just wrong about it.  It's fine, I just don't seem to be getting things done like I need to, like getting blog posts written.  One day I'll get ahead of it and not behind. :)

I had 4 miles planned on Monday, but I swapped it out for my rest day on Wednesday because it was very cold out and raining all morning.  I don't mind running in the rain, but not when it's cold out as well.  It was fine as I felt bad all day long.  I had a sore throat and just felt like crap all day long.  I thought I was getting something that a co-worker brought into the office.  I took NyQuil and went to bed early.

Tuesday I woke up feeling much better, though not 100%.  I still didn't have a fever, so I headed off to the gym.  The week before we were told that the gym class that I have been going to for over 5 years was being cancelled at the end of February.  We had plans to have the manager of the gym come talk to us on Thursday.  Everyone was very upset by this news.

Wednesday I went out for a 4 mile run.  It was another run that was below 20 degrees.  I wore my new fleece face mask and it kept my face warm the whole time.  It was a bit warm towards the end, but I didn't mind.  I'd rather be too warm then too cold. The Super Blue Blood Moon was out for the start of my run.  I tried to get pictures of it, but there was a lot of clouds out.

I also saw a very beautiful sunrise through the last couple miles of my run.

We had a lunch planned for the team at work.  This was the first time we did anything social as a group since I started.  It was nice to get to know some of my co-workers some outside of work.

Thursday I headed to the gym, knowing that we were going to have to really make them understand how important the class was to everyone.  The class has been happening at this same gym for almost 18 years.  There are people in the class that have been taking it for over 10 years.  One person had been taking it for 15.  That tells you how much of a family this class is.  Half way through the class the gym manager as well as the class coordinator came up for a few minutes.  They insisted that this was not the right place to discuss the details, but our class would move down to the Strive area (where they have machine weights and aerobic equipment in a circle and you do them as stations, rotating aerobic and weights to get the high interval training in).  We were not happy about that idea so after class a few of us stopped by their office to discuss further.  Basically they consider this class to be a "personal training" class.  None of us were sure what was meant by that, but I have always seen it more like a boot camp type of class.  They said that because sometimes we use stations, where we don't do the same movements at the same time, it's not to their standards.  Basically we are not a per-choreographed class that they pay money for.  They are trying to offer different classes for us to try on Monday and Wednesday, but currently we have been banished to the Strive area.  They are fine for the room to be empty and no one use it on Tuesday and Thursday.

I did another 4 mile run on Friday morning.  I waited a little later to start my run to have the rain finish and I seemed to time it perfectly.  It actually was a bit warmer out and I didn't have to wear the layers I have been wearing.  It's gotten to the point that it feels odd not having several layers on for a run.

Friday night I went to see Finding Neverland.  I knew I had seen the movie before, but the movie was so unremarkable to me that I actually mixed it up with Hook in my head.  When the play started I realized that it wasn't Hook, but I do vaguely remember seeing the movie.   I have to say, the play was amazing.  Something I won't remember if I've seen before or not.  The music and choreograph were a lot of fun.  And there were some amazing voices.  I highly recommend that one.

Saturday was another cold morning.  I had 10 miles on the schedule and a lot to do that day so I couldn't wait till later in the morning when it warmed up a little to get it done.  At the start of the run it was only 14 degrees.  I knew that it would be above 20 the second half of the run, so I didn't wear my fleece face mask as I wanted some flexibility.  I wore just my buff which is just a thin cloth that I can put over my nose and mouth.  I haven't done 10 miles since my last half marathon in April, so it was interesting to see how I felt.  By the end of the run I didn't feel fatigued, but really I was just tired of being cold.  I ran for a little over 2 hours and it didn't get warmer then 26 degrees.  I actually saw someone out running that didn't even have a hat on.  That I didn't understand at all.  All I could think about on the way home was taking a hot shower.

That afternoon I was invited over to a neighbor's house for lunch.  I got cleaned up and stretched and rolled and headed over there.  They are an older Indian couple have lived there about 4 years longer then I have.  And in all of this time, we have never really done anything together.  She invited one of her friends and while her husband went to pray, us girls had a great lunch.  She cooked up all this delicious Indian food and I can't remember what anything was called, but it was all amazing.

I then went out to dinner with a friend of mine (glad I ran 10 miles with all this food).  He isn't sure if he is being laid off or not as there were two meetings, one for those being let go and one for those who weren't - and he was not invited to either.  And two days later no one can give him an answer.  But he was actually in a good mood so we had fun catching up.

Sunday was a very lazy day for me.  It worked out as it rained all day long.  I got a few things done around the house, but not as much as I wish I had.  But it was nice to relax.

How was your week?  Have you seen Finding Neverland (either the play or movie)? Did you see the Super Blue Blood Moon?

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