Sunday, February 26, 2017

Star Wars Light Side Half 2017 (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

My week has been good.  I have been loving this weather.  The next week will be up and down on cool and warm days.  I got in three mid-week runs and a long run.  I feel like I'm really getting back on track.  This week has been too boring, so I'll finally get around to recapping my Star Wars Half Marathon from last month.  Perfect timing as it's Princess Weekend.  Hope everyone that ran it had a great time.

If you want to catch up on the previous posts, here are the links.

After the 10k I really wasn't sure about the half.  But after getting some sleep, I felt like I could tackle the half.  I was a little worried since I had barely run in the month before.  My last long run was on Christmas Eve and it was only 10 miles.

We ended up standing behind two guys with these shirts on.  It's a saying from the new Star Wars movie, Rouge One.  I ended up seeing them several times on the course.  I took my 5 Hour Energy and I knew I was ready to go.

The race started off heading into Disneyland.  I'm not sure, but it seemed to be a lot of the same course as the 10k.  We made it to the castle and around to Main Street and there were the horses again.

I don't remember his name but he was so cute.

Chad from the 10k was out again.

I got to the beginning of Main Street and they were offering this photo op.

Above the bridge Captain Phasma from The Force Awakens was there again.

We made it through California Adventure and about half way through the 4th mile we headed out of the parks.  While I do enjoy running through the parks, running through Anniheim is just as fun.  There are tons of spectators, a lot of bands and cheerleaders, and of course the Cos Players and the 501st Legion.

About the half way point I found this photo op from Mouse Planet.

I happened to see this street sign, for those non-Star Wars fans, it's the title of the first movie done in 1977.

Here was a fun little car with an R2 unit, like the X-Wing Fighters.

And of course the second cutest robot, BB-8.

My knee was hurting a little, but nothing like it was for the 10k.  I was really starting to enjoy running again.  Especially seeing the 501st Legion.


After the 501st Legion we hit mile 9.  Just 4 more miles to go and I was truly having a blast.  I saw the shirt guys again.

There were more bands and cheerleaders.  I always have a blast high-fiving the cheerleaders.  We turned down Katella Avenue, I knew we were almost done.  I was glad to have the run almost over with, but I knew that it was just as much fun as I had last year.  Running might not be as bad as I thought it had been.

I crossed the finish line and the runs for the weekend were done.  I made my way and got some ice for my knee.  It still was bothering me, but I knew it would be fine in a day or two.  I got back to the hotel and met back up with Kelly.


We showered and rested for a little bit.  Kelly had a special surprise of afternoon tea.  At the Steakhouse 55 restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel they started an afternoon tea.  We were served a pot of tea (or more) with scones, tea sandwiches, and deserts.  This is something that I would defiantly do again.  It was the perfect amount of food for the afternoon after a half marathon.

We went back to the hotel room to rest some and for me to finish packing.  I was heading to Universal City so that I could hit Universal Studio first thing in the morning.  For dinner we headed to Catal Restaurant in Downtown Disney where we had a couple of drinks and a great celebration dinner.  We were seated on the balcony and had fun watching the crowds.

Check out my vlog for the Half.

My next day was spent at Universal.

Have you ever had an official afternoon tea?  Did you run Star Wars?  Or Princess this weekend?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Running and Training (Tuesdays on the Run Edition)

I know I haven't posted much, especially about my running in training.  I have been saying the last few months how much I have disliked running.  After two marathons last fall and not really taking any time off, running seemed more like a chore then the fun it should be.

I pushed through in December because I had a half marathon in January.  By the beginning of January I only got a couple of short runs in.  Mid-January I went to Disneyland and made it through the three races.  I was really nervous about the half but it was the most fun I have had running in a long time.

I knew that I had to take a couple of weeks off from running after the races which was good for me.  I enjoyed sleeping in and not forcing myself to run.  I told myself at least two weeks of no running, and if I needed more time then I would take more time off.

After the two weeks I started to get the itch to run.  I knew it was time to get back into the swing of things and get into a good routine.  I still wasn't loving running, but I wasn't hating every minute I was out there.

I took the first week slowly.  I hadn't run much in the last few months and I didn't want to hurt myself.  I tried not to look at my time and just run by feel.  I wasn't any slower or faster then I was last fall, so that was good.  But man I was winded by the end of each run for the first few runs.

I've been in a good routine for the last three weeks.  I've only had a chance to run twice during the week and one long run.  I've been trying to get three weekly runs during the week, but something always seem to get in my way.  But I've been happy with what I have been doing.  This warmer weather we have been having has really helped too.  I really hope it stays this way for awhile.  Mostly springs around here last a few weeks and then it just gets hot.

Over the last week my runs have been getting faster and stronger.  My last long run was 8 miles and it was about as fast as my shorter runs.  Yesterday I had my first run that averaged in the 12 minute mile.  I haven't done a run that fast in over a year.  I've been working on progressive runs in the last week and can feel myself pushing while I'm running.  It feels good that I'm starting to get my speed back.  It's been too long.

I have another half in April.  I'll keep training for that and hopefully keep feeling strong.  I'm still not sure what I want to do for the rest of the year, but I am thinking shorter races.  I have missed the shorter miles.  My fast 10k time for Disney has expired and I'd like to try to get a good one again.  Maybe.  It will take a lot of work though.

That's how my training has been going.  Nothing exciting.  I'm not 100% back in love with running yet, but I'm getting there.

How has your training been going?  Has the warmer weather helped?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Murder Mystery Dinner (Friday Five Edition)

So on Tuesday instead of sitting at home doing nothing on Valentine's Day, friends and I went out and had a Murder Mystery dinner.  We were being called "Gal-intine".  It was a really fun night.  Here are some things about it.

1. We went to Maggiano's Italian Restaurant.  They do this about once a month, usually on holidays.  The mystery part of the dinner was put on by Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery USA.  They sat us at a table with two other couples.

2.  Included in the price was a three course dinner, chocolates, and a glass of champagne.  Any other drinks were for sale.  The first and last course was AMAZING.  The main course was just OK.  I will look to see to get some of those appetizers next time I go there for dinner.

3.  They started the first part of the mystery while they were delivering the first course, so we were distracted while trying to figure out what was going on.  I wish they would have waited till we had our food on the table.

4.  They started off with a hit woman that came in and the detective stopped and killed her before she could kill her target.  I yelled out that the detective did it, but they wouldn't take that as the answer as that wasn't the actual murder. 

The man standing was the detective

5. The murdered person and a couple of the witnesses were there like they were guests.  They were seated and ate dinner with us (till they were accused or murdered).  They had several clues, which all were some sort of written notes and a news paper article.

Different notes found on the ground throughout the night

In the end we figured out the basis of the who done it.  We were to write down our answers, but I guess ours were not the best.  Overall it was a lot of fun.  I would defiantly do something like that again.

The "Gal-intine" Girls

Did you do anything fun for Valentine's?  Have you ever done a murder mystery dinner? 

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Friday, February 10, 2017

What I'm Loving (Friday Five Edition)

I have to admit I've been a bit slacked on the blogging front.  Most of that is not having a real routine right now, but I'm slowly figuring that out.  But for now here are a few random things that I have been loving recently.  

1. Not Working - I am really enjoying my time off right now.  Like really really a lot.  That thought might change in 6+ months, but I love having my days to spend how I want.  I go to the gym, I go out to lunch, I read, I watch TV.  Whatever I'm wanting to do.  If I didn't have my pesky bills, I think I would enjoy an early retirement.  I could find a Sugar Daddy, but I don't want to be dependent on someone that way.  Or I could win the Lotto, but that would mean I would have to play it.  For now, I will enjoy my time while looking for another job.

2. Cleaning - I have to admit, I hate cleaning, but I have been on a mission to declutter my house.  I am basically done with my upstairs and halfway done with downstairs.  This is more then just cleaning, but getting rid of things.  I've taken several trips to the Goodwill and a ton of things have been recycled and thrown out.  When I'm closer to being done, I'll do a post about it.

3. Avenger Movies - I have been watching all of the Avenger movies from the first Iron Man to Captain America: Civil War.  These are fun movies and the more you watch them, the more you see how they are all connected.  All the little details and Easter Eggs are fun to figure out.  And there are some really good looking heroes to watch.  Yum.  I wold love for them to do an origins story of Black Widow.  I find her very fascinating being a bad-ass chick in a room of super powered testosterone.  Very unlike the boring waifs of Pepper and Jane, waiting for someone to save them. 

4. Trigger Point Foam Roller - I got this roller for Christmas and I LOVE it.  It's a bit harder then traditional foam rollers and get deep into those tight muscles.  It hurts so good.

5. Snuggle Time - With all this time off I get extra time to cuddle and snuggle with my kitties.  Brianna is 17 and while she still is getting around well, I know she doesn't have that many years left.  And Riley still has a lot of feral in him, and even though he has been with me for almost 3 years, he still is very skittish.  The more time I'm home, the more he seems to relax.  And then there is Aiden, my snuggle bug.  I just love spending time with him.

Brianna, Aiden, and Riley watching Big Bang Theory with me

Brianna, Riley, and Aiden
OK, there is one last thing that I have loved this week.  The weather.  We had a couple days of beautiful weather this week and I tried to take full advantage of it.  I actually enjoyed running on Wednesday because it was almost 60 degrees when I went out first thing in the morning.  All the windows in my house were open for two days strait.  A cold front has come through and we are back to normal 40 degree high temperatures, but the sneak peak of spring has made me so happy.  I can't wait for the spring!

What are you loving?

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Functional Training (Friday Five Edition)

So I have been wanting to post about the class I take at the gym for awhile, but never got around to do it.  Friday Five topic works perfectly into this.

I have been taking a class at the gym for about 5 years now.  It's a class full of regulars and an amazing teacher.  It's called Functional Training, or FT for short.  This class has been going on for almost 20 years.  One of the guys has been going to it for 18 years.

The teacher is an older gentleman from Turkey.  He is short, quiet, and has a heavy accent and he works us hard.  He is also a runner.  Not only a runner, but back in the day he won the Athens Marathon.  Yes, won it.  He also almost went to the Olympics, but he hurt his knee just before.

The class is offered three days a week at 7 AM.  This works out well for me, as when I was working, I could shower there and head strait to work.  Now it's a good reason for me to get up and get my day moving.

Each of the three days is set up differently.  On Tuesdays we have our mats at the back of the class and do abs and weights for the first 20 minutes.  Then he will have us go run the track a few times.  We will either have stations set up for the rest of the class or something else that he has set up for us.  During this time he will send us out to run a few more laps.  In total we run 6 laps for a total of a mile.

On Thursdays we each have our own station set up with a mat and steps.  We do different ab, arm, and step workouts.  We will do group things like lunges, ab workout on the ball, and running back and forth on the side of the room.  There is no running on the track on Thursdays.

On Friday there about 25 stations set up around the room.  Each station is done for a minute then move to the next.  Throughout the class, we are to run 1-3 laps around the track, equaling 6 laps for a mile.  I usually do not go to Friday's class as I am either running or swimming that day.  I also found the same setup each week makes me not push myself as much.

No matter what type of shape you are in or if you have something that is bothering you, you can work at your own speed.  Use heavier or lighter weights, do all the reps or sit some out, or even walk or use the elliptical instead of running the laps.  No one cares how much you do, they are just happy you are there.  It's nice that everyone knows everyone and notices if you miss a day.  It's a great motivator to keep coming back.

What I like about this class is that on Tuesday and Thursday everything is different.  We might do a lot of the same exercises, but none of them are in the same order.  He always likes to throw new things in every so often to throw us off our game.  But we always get strength and aerobic exercise in. 

Do you have a class at the gym you go to regularly?  Or are you motivated enough to do something on your own?

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