Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekly Update (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

This probably will be a nice short update.

This weekend was our project deployment for the project that has been taking all my time for the last month.  It went fairly smooth, but a lot of time and a lot of moving parts.  I'm hoping after this week I'll be getting my life back.

I actually got out on my bike on Sunday.  I have only been on it a couple times in the past month and I have missed it a lot.  It turned out to be a 38 mile ride which was a little more (and a little faster) then I should have done considering the little I have been on my bike.  My quads were trashed.  Not like they were pulled and can't walk, just that I really couldn't have done much more biking.  I took it to the limit.  My biking partner is having back issues so and the people that ride early morning are a bit faster then me, but I still plan on getting out on Wednesday with them.

The Solar Eclipse is today.  I'm super stoked about it.  I was supposed to get glasses delivered to me on Saturday but they won't get to my house till today.  I'm hoping that my manager will let me head home at lunch and then work from home (minus the time I will be watching the eclipse).  I can't wait.

So that's really about it for this past week.  Just work, work, work.  Fun times.

Are you excited about the Solar Eclipse today?  

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Update (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

It's been another not so exciting week for me.

Because of work, I haven't been able to do much of anything.  There were days when I had things that had to get done, like laundry and grocery shopping, and I just didn't have the energy, but still had to get them done.  Days like those, I wish I had a wife to do the domestic things. :)

I still haven't had a chance to get out on my bike.  Between rain and work, things just haven't worked out.  Though I'm thinking about going for a run next week.  Maybe.

The new position that I'm slowly transferring to has gotten under full swing.  I had some people question my authority of the new position, but I stood my ground and had management backup.  Things are starting to go really well with it now.  I enjoy the roll and have really missed it.

Even though I had to work some this weekend, I didn't plan anything social.  I really wanted a couple days to just decompress and sit on my couch and be a sloth.  I decided to get a monthly subscription of HBO and catch up on some shows from the last year.  I got through the last season of "Silicone Valley" and the first season of "West World".

"Silicon Valley" is just a fun show.  Though I do get tired of right when you think things are great, something bad happens.  Not just bad, the worst thing that could happen at that moment.  I understand needing the ups and downs, but it's getting really predictable on when something horrible is going to happen to them.  Like every third episode.  But it's still a fun watch.

"West World" gave me mixed feelings.  I do enjoy sci-fi and the thought of where we could go with our technology but the moral aspects of AI bothers me a bit.  There have been many stories out there of AI being "alive", from "Short Circuit" to "I, Robot", but this takes it to the next level.  I think it would be so much fun to have a world to go into to go on an adventure.  Like if I were to join "The Lord of the Rings" or "Alice in Wonderland".  But then there is the moral aspect of, if we make AI to look and act as another human, is it OK to rape, maim, and murder them knowing that they are just robots?  Is it any different then video games?  It's no wonder they rebelled in "Terminator". :)  I also have to say that their opening credits feels a lot like the "Game of Thrones" opening credits.  Similar music and a slow movement of different things.

Over the weekend, in Charlottesville, there was a lot of violence.  Charlottesville isn't very far from here, maybe an hour and a half.  It's a great town that I like to visit.  It's a university town with a lot of wineries near by.  What's not to love?  Like in Richmond, they have confederate statues of southern soldiers which are in debate on if they should be taken down.  A white supremacy group decided to protest the removal of the statue.  They have rights to their own views, but when those views turn violent it just makes me sad.  It just hurts my heart that someone could hate someone so much without even knowing them.

Have you been watching any shows?  How is your training going?

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekly Update (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

Not much has been going on recently.  But a few small things that were good.

I don't think I mentioned that I got shades for my skylights a few weeks ago and I LOVE them.  I have two skylights in my bedroom and is so bright and so hot up there throughout the day.  I should have done this years ago.

After I had the skylight shades put in, it was still hot upstairs and I realized that there was something wrong with my AC.  They came by and said I had a leak in a coil.  So now it is nice and cool in my house.  So pleasant.

I finished reading The Handmaid's Tale.  After everyone was telling me how good the book was, I was really not impressed.  The whole idea bothered me and it was really never made clear why and how it came to that point.  I didn't have any empathy for the characters either.  It would be like The Hunger Games and just showing the game and not explaining the whole situation and not getting to know the characters.  I reluctantly watched the Hulu series this weekend, again because everyone said how great it was.  I ended up really enjoying the series.  It took a lot of liberties from the book and really got into the characters.  It also gave more of an explanation how a society could get to that point.  I recommend the series, but don't read the book.

Because I have been working a lot, it's been hard for me to get out on the bike while working 10 hour days.  I'm still getting to the gym a couple times a week.  I have also started another 30 day challenge.  I like this one as it doesn't seem to get to so many reps that I just don't have time for it.  If this goes well that site has a few others that look very interesting.

I still haven't had the want to run yet, though I can feel it building a little.  After I saw a 10k sticker on someone's car I thought it would be fun to do a 10k this fall.  We will see how the next month takes me.  I officially decided not to sign up for the Richmond Half.  While maybe a run or two in the next few weeks sounds fun, the thought of following a scheduled just doesn't sound like fun right now.  I'm hoping just to find my way back naturally.  It's there, but not like it was.  I know at some point it will be, for now it's not.  Going slow is what is best for me now so I don't completely lose my love for it.

For the past few months, I had had a cat come to visit us nightly on my back deck.  My cats love seeing her and sit and watch her.  They even wait for her by the door, looking out for her each night.  I haven't seen her in the past month.  I didn't know if something happened or if I had just not seen her around.  A week ago she started coming by again.  I broke down and started feeding her some treats that my cats won't eat.  I didn't realize how many nose and paw prints I had on these windows till I took this picture.  I have since cleaned them so that they have a better view of each other.

My cats love sitting and watching her.  She is the black blob on the right outside.

We have been very busy at work as we have a huge project going live in a couple of weeks.  A lot of moving parts which means a lot of testing going on.  While things have been good, I was asked if I'd like to change positions.  It would be a 50/50 split of my time, but this new position is what I want to do with my career, so it's a good move.  I'm excited for the opportunity.

I saw the trailer for "Ready Player One" this weekend.  It's based on a book that is based in the future, but has a lot of 80's pop culture references.  I loved this book and the trailer looks amazing.  I can't wait for it to come out next year.

Have you seen or read "The Handmaid's Tale"?  Have you read "Ready Player One"?  How is your training going?

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