Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Epcot 2017 Part 2 (Tuesdays on the Run Edition)

So here is the second part of my day at Epcot during my Star Wars Dark Side Weekend.

If you missed my previous posts, please take a moment to catch up.

We had just finished lunch at the Liberty Inn and the time was getting close to my first scheduled FastPass at Test Track.  We decided to take the boat across the lake to get to Future World.  I had never even heard of this ride before I booked my FastPass and had no clue what I was in for.  

It was a lot of fun.  As part of waiting for our turn, we were allowed to create our own car.  Not anything close to what we would be riding, but to compare to others who create their own.  I had no clue what I was doing, so I just started picking things to add to the car.  Franklin was able to use the station next to us to build one as well.
We got into the actual ride and that was a lot of fun.  It's sort of like the Cars ride at Disneyland.  It does some maneuvers to "test" out the cars made and then a fun fast bout outside where you reach speeds of 64 MPH.  Feels faster with the wind blowing on you then it does a real car.  In the end, my car beat Franklin's in the score!!

We headed into the Festival Center.  Kelly wanted to see if she could find some gifts for birthdays and Mother's Day.  I actually found something.  It's a plant that is made from other plant DNA and not a seed.  I wasn't sure if it would make it home, but it would be fun for my mom if it did.  Spoiler alert, it did not survive the plane ride home in my checked bag.

We decided to meet Joy and Sadness.  While we waited, Franklin went over to see Baymax from Big Hero 6.  That line moved fast enough that he had enough time to join us.  I loved seeing Sadness, she was so cute.

Then we headed over to Soarin'.  I love this ride and couldn't wait to see the changes they made.  I used another one of my timed FastPass and Kelly and Franklin used their second "anytime" FastPass.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the changes.  It was fun to see all the places around the world and was even more fun to point to the ones I've been to.  I did see why people were complaining that if you were too far to a side, things looked a little distorted, like the Eiffel Tower was curved a bit, but it was still fun.

We had time before our next FastPass and we were trying to decide if we wanted to do Soarin' again or if we wanted to do the Living with the Land ride that is also in The Land building.  We decided to do Soarin' again.  This would be Kelly and Franklin's last "anytime" FastPass and my second.  It was so worth it as I had asked that we be in the middle group in the first row.  That meant we had the best seats in the house.  Right in the middle and on the top where no one's feet were in our line of vision.  I was so glad we had done it the second time.

After the ride was over we headed down the stairs to check out if there was any line at Living with the Land and there wasn't.  We hopped right onto the boat.

While this isn't a fast or scary ride, it was a lot of fun learning about different ways that Disney grows food and raises fish.  It was also nice to be off our feet for a little while.

We headed to our next FastPass, meeting with Mickey and Pals.  We saw Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie.  Goofy was in rare form.  He didn't have anyone visiting so he was goofing around with the other Cast Members.  Yes, Goofy was acting goofy.

After this we parted ways.  They had FastPasses for the new Frozen ride and I had one for Mission: Space.  I had a little bit of time before my FastPass started so I decided to do the Test Track again and use my last "anytime" FastPass.  In the end my second car was only one point better then my first.  Guess I like to build the same type of car.

I then headed over to Mission: Space.  I hadn't heard of this ride before either before booking my FastPasses, but after reading about it, it sounded like something I've been on before when I visited NASA a couple years ago.  They have a Green team and an Orange team.  They are both the same ride, a launch from Earth to Mars, except the Green team skips the centrifuge, or spinning action, so it's more of a gentle ride.  I, of course, opted to join the Orange team.  

I was teamed with a dad and his two boys (one a lot younger then the other).  As the video played and talked about the team formation we joked around on who was what position and remembering to hit the buttons when we needed to.  As we got in, I ended up being the navigator while the younger brother was the captain.  There were a lot of things I read about how people riding the Orange side would get motion sickness.  I experienced none of it.  I don't even think I knew when the centrifuge happened.  We all pressed our buttons like we were supposed to and got to Mars safely (mostly) and had a fun time.

I realized that because I decided to add in Test Track before Mission: Space, I was now late to meet up for dinner.  Oh no!  I raced through Future World to Mexico and made my way to Italy.  Whoa that was exhausting.  We had reservations for Via Napoli to get some good pasta in.  

Kelly and Franklin had already ordered, good.  So I took a quick look at the menu and really wasn't sure what I wanted.  I asked the waitress what she thought was good and she said the Linguine allo Scoglio.  Pasta and seafood?  Yes, please!  The dish came and it was huge.  Kelly and Franklin ordered a white pizza, all cheese, yummy!  My pasta dish ended up not that great.  The pasta was under cooked and I don't think there was a lot of seafood there.  But that's OK, it filled me up.  They said the pizza was great, until it was on the floor.  They had eaten less than half of the pizza and with no one touching it slipped off the rack and right onto the floor.  The manager was very nice and allowed them to get the small pizza to make up for the half that they lost.

By the time we were done with dinner we all were beyond exhausted.  And my feet were killing me.  I felt like my planters ficiatis was rearing it's ugly head my way again.  So we headed back to the the hotel to call it a night.  We had to get up early again for the 10k!

I have to say that was a great day.  I never knew that Epcot could be so much fun.  I know part of it had to do with the great company, but I also discovered a whole new side to the park.  I can't wait to go back!

Continue on and read about the Star Wars Dark Side 10k!

What's your favorite ride at Epcot?  Would you do the Orange or Green team on Mission: Space?  Have you eaten at Via Napoli?  What did you think?


  1. Sounds like a great day! I love Epcot :) I haven't had a chance to do the new Soaring yet, I'm really looking forward to trying it out in January.

  2. First of all I can't believe you never heard of test track or mission space!! Test track is similar to radiator springs in DL wouldn't you say? I rode Missiom space the first year it opened and I got so sick and swore never again. This was before they calmed it down and made the two colors. My favorite is of course Soarin! I like both versions and do not notice the screen being cut off or curved so I must have been in the perfect seat!

    1. Yes, Test Track is a lot like Radiator Springs. Kelly and Franklin didn't see the difference but I was three from the middle on a side car they were closer to the middle.

  3. Sounds like fun! I haven't been to Epcot. The rides sound cool.