Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wardrobe Malfunction

My running schedule this week was a little up in the air.  I knew I wouldn't be running on Friday so I got a run in on Sunday.  Running four days in a row wasn't hard per say, it was more of looking for something else to do.  I'm not sure how people run every day of the week.

Wednesday I woke up and started getting dressed.  I bent over to get something out of a drawer and my back spasmed.  Like bad.  I walked around a bit to see if I could work it out and it started to.  I thought I'd try to go for my run and then I bent over again and it really flipped out.  So no run on Wednesday.  I thought about staying home and feeling sorry for myself, but I've pulled my back out one too many times in the past.  I knew how to get through it faster was to continue on with my day and keep moving as much as possible.  And that helped.  As did my physical therapy.  My PT thinks that my back went out because of my fall last Saturday.  I'm not 100% sure why it would wait that long, but it may be why.  Who knows.

Friday I didn't run in the morning for two reasons.  First, I was having a VO2 Max test in the afternoon and that would throw off my results.  Second, right about the time I would have run, it started pouring rain with a ton of thunder and lightening.  While I don't mind running in the rain in the summer, I don't want to be out there if there is lightening.  So that all worked out.  I'll have a post later on this week going into the VO2 Max testing in further detail.

Saturday we made it back into double digits.  I was really looking forward to 10 miles.  It's weird, but I kinda like those really long runs.  I just get in a zone and 2 hours passes without too much complaining.  Since it was the 4th of July weekend, we were encouraged to wear red, white, and/or blue.  I put on a blue tank top and added a red skirt over my shorts.  It was cute.

The run started out great.  I was doing a 2:1 and of course was left in the back on my own within the first mile.  For the most part, I don't mind running on my own, as that's how I have always trained, but I wish there were a few people a little slower so I have people around. 

By mile 6 I start to feel rubbing between my thighs.  I have a bunch of these shorts, ones that go down to right above the knee, that I love.  I got a bunch of them at Target a couple years ago and they have worked out perfectly, till about a month ago.  Slowly, but surely, one by one, they are starting to rip on the inner thigh seam.  I specifically made sure that the ones that I was wearing were not worn down in the seam area.  And it wasn't.  But it ripped anyway.

I tugged and maneuvered my shorts the best I could as to stop the chafing, but it really didn't help.  By mile 7 both seams had ripped.  Oh was I in pain.  I tried to pull them down, I tried to pull the seams together, I tried to pull them all the way up, and nothing helped.  I must have looked ridiculous messing with my shorts the way I was, especially under my skirt.  At the second SAG, they had some sort of petroleum jelly that I lathered all over my inner thighs.  At that point, I just pulled both legs up as far as they would go and continued on.  I'm so glad I had a skirt on.  I wish I could have brought that with me and rubbed on my legs a few times more for the last few miles.

The holes in my shorts (had to put washcloths inside the legs to show the holes)
By mile 8 the wheels of my run started to come off.  It was in the upper 70's by then and about 95% humidity.  On top of that, the last couple miles of the run had almost no shade.  My heart rate was constantly really high and I was just pooped.  My wonderful 2:1's came undone and I just ran when I could and walked when I couldn't.  My inner thighs hurt, I was hot, and I was almost out of liquid.  Thankfully I was almost back at the stadium and I couldn't wait.  That was the only thing keeping me running when I could.  I knew the more I ran, the sooner I would be back.  Kinda the thoughts that went through my mind during the marathon run of Dopey this past January.

After a day of lubricating my thighs with Aquafur, I was so much better.  I guess that is it for any long runs with my most favorite shorts.  I am in the process of trying to find a pair to replace the ripped ones, but I haven't found a pair that is as comfortable, yet.


  1. I was just watching a talk show where they were saying how often you should replace your running gear and they said to keep shorts like that for only a year! I thought they were nuts as I certainly don't replace my running shorts every year. Perhaps the fibers start to break down or something?

  2. It's so hard for me to find running shorts that I like that I keep them for a long time. I can see why they say to replace them, but I'm just having such a hard time finding a pair I like. I'm stuck with a bunch that were OK in the dressing room, but I don't like on a run.