Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up

Another week is done and for the most part feel good about the work I have put in.

I have decided that Mondays were going to be my treadmill speed work days.  The first mile was a warm up at 4.5.  Nice and easy.  Then I bumped it up to 4.7 at the beginning of the second mile and rotated between that and 4.9 every .10 of a mile.  The third rotated between 4.8 and 5.0.  Then my Garmin of course hadn't hit 3 miles and since I think both treadmill and non-GPS Garmin are both probably wrong I just went with the Garmin.  So I did an extra .20 of a mile on the treadmill at 5.2.  While I felt I was pushing myself some, I knew I could do more.  I will up the speed next week and each week till I feel like I'm hitting a good breaking point.  I also had my Pilates class that afternoon.  I really wish they were normally on Mondays and Wednesdays as it's a great stretch after my runs.

Tuesday I got to the gym only to find out that they had a water main break and were closed.  They were actually closed for 2 1/2 days trying to sort it out.  So I went to the gym at my work to do something.  I warmed up with a 5 minute walk on the treadmill and found a core workout on YouTube.  I really did enjoy the one I did, but it was only 20 minutes.  I found another one, but didn't like that one as much, and I kept fast forwarding through some of the workout.  So I probably only got a true 25 minutes of core.  To make up for it I decided to do 100 squats.  Ahh, that did make up for it.

Wednesday I got up as early as I could to get out right before the sun rose to do 5 miles.  I actually brought water with me, which is rare on mid-week runs, but necessary when being out over an hour in the humidity we are getting.  It was a strong run and included both long steep hills in my neighborhood.  One thing about the early mornings is that I do get to see some beautiful sunrises.  At lunch a few of us decided to do Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs.  Heeeyyyy!!!  We really use it as gossip time and get away from our desks.  It doesn't hurt to watch a very good looking man work up a sweat.  It helped as my hips were stiff from my run that morning and that worked them out.

Thursday the gym was back open and we had a good class.  I was glad I didn't have to make something up again.  I'm not good improvising a workout.

Friday I bumped up my easy run from 3 miles to 4.  Slowly will be getting my mid-week runs up.  Another hot and ver humid run.  I probably would have benefited from bringing water but I didn't think about it before I left.

Saturday was our long run.  It was a drop back week so we did 8 miles.  The route was basic and nothing to call out to.  I do like running in the city, just a lot of different routes so no one gets bored.  We keep ending on a hill at the last bit of the run every week.  It's probably good for me as MCM will end on a hill, too.

I think the humidity was worse Saturday then it was Friday, but it wasn't as hot.  I keep telling myself that it's good to train in this weather and have the race in cooler temps.  After the run, everyone brought food and drink and we stayed round and chit chatted.  It's nice to get to know some of these people even if none of them are slow enough to run with me.

Have you ever found a good video in YouTube to do a core workout?  

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  1. Good job on the workouts. I'd be so mad going to the gym and having it been close. Guess you really did have an excuse for not working out that day. I have never done hip hop and but have the insanity which I hate.....haha. but I need to start doing.

  2. Hip Hop is one of our favorites. It gets us moving, but isn't so much that makes us sweat too badly. I don't know if I could do Insanity, but his T-25 looks interesting.

  3. Great job on the speedwork! I read that it's best to do those workouts at a pace where you feel like you are challenging yourself, but can still do more. It sounds like you hit that one on the nose. Bummer about your gym's water main break - glad they were finally able to get it fixed! You definitely were able to find nice ways to stay active using other resources, too. Yes, doing 100 squats will make up for just about anything! =D I've never tried using YouTube to find core workouts - note to self for the future!

  4. YouTube is a great resource for "exercise videos". I also find Pinterest good if you are looking for ideas too.

  5. I always think it is such a treat to catch the sun rise on an early morning run. I keep telling myself that too -- shard summer running makes for great fall races. Let's hope! Thanks for linking, Heather.

    1. One of my favorite things of an early morning run is the sun rise.

  6. Yes all these hot and humid runs will make us stronger in our Fall racing! I keep telling myself that anyway! Great job this week !