Friday, July 22, 2016

Five Fun Things I Did Last Weekend (Friday Five Edition)

I had a pretty good weekend last weekend.  I did a lot of things and still had time to relax.  I even had time to do a little bit of cleaning - a very little bit.

1. Escape Room - There is an episode on Big Bang Theory where they do an Escape Room.  Basically you are "locked" in a room and solve puzzles.  This was the second one I've done and the hour passes by in what feels like 5 minutes.  This room was Edger Allen Poe themed and we had several boxes with locks (both combination and key) where we had to solve puzzles to get them open.  We were supposed to find the raven to win and while we found the box where he was in, we did not open both locks in time.  We just needed another 5 minutes, maybe 10.  So much fun.

A fun time had by all

2. Long Run - I know to most people that doesn't sound like fun, but I really do enjoy long runs.  And after our group brought food and drinks and had a social afterward.  There was some good food and a couple new beers to try.  I really ended up liking Evin Twin Mission Gose.  It's a sour/salt beer that did not taste anything like beer.  Most of us shared a can as none of us knew if we would like it.  I did.  Basically everyone else didn't.

3. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! - This was a fun movie.  It was a good mix of a new story line, nostalgia cameos, and a heck of a lot of Chris Hemsworth in a tight white t-shirt.

4. More Downton Abby - I binged more Downton Abby on Sunday.  It's so not what I expected from all of the press it had gotten throughout the years.  It's such a typical soap opera that it's hard to find anything to hate.  Lies, scheming, births, deaths, who's in love with who, and even a back from death.  Great fun.

5.  Kitties - Snuggling with my kitties on Sunday.  Surprisingly, I haven't really posted anything about these loons in my life that are amazing.  I have 3 - yes, I'm that crazy cat lady.  My old lady, Brianna - she will be 17 in September, is my little shadow, and really hates the other two.  And my two boys, who are now 2 years old.  I found them in my back yard two years ago and knew they were mine.  They love Bree just as much as she hates them.  Aiden is my little snuggle bug and Riley is so very skiddish, but lovable when he isn't hiding.

Brianna, Riley, and Aiden snoozing on the bed

Did you do anything fun last weekend?  Are you planning on doing anything fun this weekend?

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  1. My mom was just telling me about those escape rooms. I guess we have one that opened near home recently. So u da like fun but I could see how that'd be frustrating! I love having a drink after a long run, Kind of like a reward And you dont have to feel as guilty enjoying it.

  2. Escape rooms are popping up all over the place here. Highly recommended.