Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer is Here... (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

This past week was the first week of upper 90 degree temps with humidity to make it feel like it's in the 100's this year.  We have actually had a half way decent May and June, so this hit us like a brick of, well, heat.

On Sunday, I was being proactive and decided to go for a 4 mile run.  It was a good run that felt good the whole way - which is why I added the forth mile.  It was good that I ran on Sunday, cause I woke up on Monday, the 4th, and decided I didn't want to run.  It didn't help that it was all rainy.  Not that I don't run in the rain, I was just crabby.

Tuesday I did my normal class at the gym and Pilates at lunch.  I know that two work outs sound like a lot, but my gym work out is to get some upper body strength and core work, plus it is a very social class.  Pilates is a good stretch out for me.

Wednesday I decided to go to the gym at work to use the treadmill.  I know that most runners hate the treadmill, but I find it useful for speed work.  When I did my VO2 Max on the treadmill the week before, I remembered how much faster I can go on a treadmill without having to take walk breaks.  The first mile is a warm-up and then the next two miles faster with sprints.  I didn't push it too much being my first week of speed work, but it was faster then outside.

Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday.

Friday was another good 3 mile run.  I tried to get out there as the sun rose, to beat as much heat as I could.  It was still in the upper 70's with 95% humidity at 6 AM.  I'm starting to get a little faster, not a lot, but a little.  My IT band isn't hurting as much either.  I have to thank PT for that.

On Saturday our group did 11+ miles.  It was another hot morning with the temps reaching 80 degrees on our run with 80% humidity.  It was a tough run too, with a lot of hills, but they kept us in the shade for most of it.

We ran over two bridges.  The first I HATE, and not because of the big hill after the bridge, but because the side of the bridge is very open and you can see all the way down.  Oh and I'm terrified of heights.  And there was only one side open to pedestrian and bikers, so I was made to move over to the scary side several times.  I couldn't wait to get to the hill.

Views from the Nickel Bridge
There were a lot of rolling hills on the other side of the river.  I really kind of liked that road.  It was a bit curvy and had a couple of blind curves, but it wasn't used much by cars and basically all shade.  No matter how much I hate hills, I know they are good for my training.

We crossed the Lee bridge going back across the river.  I have heard some things about this bridge as it is part of the Richmond marathon.  The reports I have heard in the past are that it's very windy and super long.  While it is long, I wish we had some of the breeze that everyone talks about.  Every so often a truck passes and there is a little bit of breeze, but beyond that, it was hot with no shade.  But very pretty.

Views from the Lee Bridge

I made it back in one piece.  Unlike last week, I hit all of my run intervals, even if they were going up hill.  It was a very slow run, I hope because of the temperature and not because I can't get my speed up on long runs.  It's a work in process.  Oh and I found my new favorite running item.  I have a couple of these towels from races and they are the perfect size to tie to my belt and still wipe all the sweat from my face.  Really needed on Saturday.

My new favorite running accessory
Ready to hit next week hard.

Do you have a favorite running accessory?  How hot has it gotten in your neck of the woods? 

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  1. That towel looks really handy! I always end up using my shirt to wipe my face... which can lead to salt in the eyes and that just isn't fun. My favorite running accessory lately has been my camelbak. It is such a lifesaver for the long runs!

    Amy @

  2. I have always used my shirt (or hand) to wipe my face and the shirt was always wet from my body. To have something dry was amazing. I used to use a camelbak years ago when I did long distance biking. They are wonderful!

  3. Have you heard of the handana? I bought one at a race expo. It's a little terry towel that you wear on your hand. I wouldn't like running on the open part of the bridge either. Are you training for the Richmond marathon? Thanks for linking with us, Heather!

    1. I've actually tried it but found it too hot on my hand. I hooked it up to one of my old badge clips (work badges that pull and retract) and the clip came undone during a race. Great idea though! I'm training with the Richmond Marathon group, but am running Marine Corps. Weather I do the Richmond full or half will be decided at the expo.

  4. Your views from your 11 mile run are awesome and yes being in the shade does make a huge difference!
    I should really get one of these towels, my shirts are already soaked in sweat when I use them to wipe my face as it is! Thank you for linking up with us!

  5. I forgot it on my long run this past weekend and I sure did miss it. My wet shirt wasn't as nice to wipe the sweat as the towel was. Thanks!