Friday, June 3, 2016

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

So it's been awhile since I have posted to this blog.  Like 5 years.  So what have I been doing for the last 5 years?  I'm still at the same job.  I'm still single.  I've lost one cat, but gained two kittens (for a total of 3).  I have done a lot of running, some cycling, and a little swimming.  I still want to post about whatever is on my mind, and the thing that has most been on my mind lately is running.  Specifically training for the Marine Corps Marathon which is in October.  I will be joining the Richmond Marathon Training Team that starts tomorrow!  The Richmond Marathon is two weeks after MCM and the intermediate team gets in two 20 mile runs in the perfect amount of time for MCM.  I'm looking forward to running with a training team again.  It's been a many years since I have regularly trained with a team.  I am a very slow runner - you think you are slow, just run with me and you will feel like an Olympian - and am very worried about "beating the bridge" for MCM.  I know it's within my grasp, I just need a good training cycle with very little to no injuries (knock on wood).  I've been doing other things to try and help that along and have a plan for the summer to work on speed. So in 5 years a lot has changed, but yet it is exactly the same.


  1. I'm just catching up on some of your older posts :) I'm contemplating doing my first full marathon at some point and the whole beat the bridge thing is why I'm terrified to make it MCM. I may need something with more breathing room!

  2. My first was the Disney Marathon and they have a real big cushion, which I needed. On top of that, it was fun to not only run in the parks, but be able to ride a roller coaster in the middle of the marathon.