Friday, June 10, 2016

5 (Tentative) Races on My Calendar This Year

I surprisingly only have 5 races on my calendar from now to the end of the year.  If you would have looked at my calendar this time last year, it was at least doubled.  I think that has to do with when my big races are this year, smack in the middle of the fall instead of January.  So let's get to it.

I have always thought about this race but said no for two reasons.  It's HOT and it's HILLY!  But I'm always up for a challenge.  With the Richmond Marathon Training Team, they encourage everyone to run this race as it is "the ideal barometer to gauge your progress at that point in the training program".  While I haven't signed up yet, I will probably be running this one for that very reason.  And to check it off my race bucket list.


Even though I'm signed up, I may not do this one.  It's the same weekend as my last long run before MCM so I'm not sure how I will work that all in.  I did sign up for it because it can be counted towards the Ultimate Warrior Medal where you have to run 3 US Military Organized races through the year for the medal.  And it's a race that's been on my bucket list a long while.  While the Army 10 Miler sells out quickly, they have a wonderful transfer program.  So if I decide not to run this race, I don't have to worry about losing my money.


This is my big race of the year.  I am extremely excited and scared at the same time.  Maybe by Patrick Henry I'll know if I should be more excited or more scared.


I am signed up for this as part of the Richmond Marathon Training team.  As this is 2 weeks after MCM, I'm not sure if I'll run the half or full.  The decision will be made at the expo and not a minute before.  I do sort of want to run the Marathon as it is supposed to be a fun one.  And I'd love to be able to join the Marathon Maniacs.  


I am signed up for this race as a deferral from last year.  Between my injury and how many races I had run last year, I was just burned out.  I'm looking forward to this one as it's been on my bucket list of races for a long time.  J&A always put on a very fun race.

There might be one or two more added to this, but for now, that is the list of my races for the rest of the year.  

What races are you running?


  1. Wow, that is a lot of big races for this year! I wanted to do the Surfin Santa but I do already have 2 Christmas themed races that I am doing (including Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K) so probabbly won't come down for it. I bet my sister will run it though!

  2. It's funny cause it's like half of what I ran last year. I'll have to catch up with your sister then. :)