Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last Monday, my hamstring was hurting before I went on my run.  Of course I went on my run, hoping that this was one of the times it would work itself out.  Well it didn't hurt bad enough to stop running, but it really hurt me a lot the rest of the day.  I think it was from pulling weeds the day before.  A lot of squatting, yanking, and cursing went along with that.

I went to PT that afternoon and again, it was mostly from my lat.  I know that's totally confusing.  But what it turns out is my right lat is so tight that it pulls everything out of wack and in turn my left leg takes the brunt of everything.  So some dry needling on my right lat and a few places on my left leg and I was starting to feel better.

I probably could have run on Wednesday, but I was so scared of causing a real injury, so I slept in.  Sort of.  Basically I woke up before my alarm.  But through the day my hamstring felt good.  And my run on Friday was good.

This past weekend I took a certification class, so it was two days of classwork starting at 8:30 both mornings.  My run on Saturday was 8 miles.  With as slow as I run, that meant I had to get up about 4:30 to get out by 5.  Of course I didn't get up right when I should have, but I did get my 8 miles in.  I ran in my neighborhood, but I had to figure out how to get extra miles in without going around in the same circle over and over and over.  One thing I love about early morning runs is that I get to see the sun rise.

In the class we had to do those introduction things, why are we here, one interesting thing about us.  I mentioned that I was a runner and in fact did 8 miles before the class.  Everyone was amazed about my dedication.  I could have easily said I couldn't do my run because I had to be somewhere early on a Saturday.  But I see getting my runs in, even if I have to get up and start running before the sun comes up as more consistency then dedication.  I was able to know when I can't run because of an injury, but know that I still need to get my runs in even if it's inconvenient.

Have you ever run under less appealing circumstances?