Monday, June 27, 2016

Picking Yourself Up

My mid-week runs went well this week.  I got all three in and upped my mileage from 3 to 4 miles on Wednesday.  I probably won't do more then 5 miles on a weekday run, even though the training program calls to go up to 10 miles during the week towards the end of the cycle.  No real pain except for a little achy-ness in my left heal and my PT took care of that right away.

Saturday was a drop back week and we had 7 miles on the schedule.  Saturday was about 75 degrees with what felt like 100% humidity.  I was drenched by the end of the first mile.  Sometime in the second mile I was running over bricked sidewalk and stumbled and fell.  It was like slow motion thinking if I moved my feet quicker, I would not splatter to the ground.  But I did.

My right knee and hand took the brunt of it.  Knees are scrapped up and bruised while I have a huge bruise on my right hand.  Other then being a bit embarrassed cause I'm such a klutz, everything really looks worse then it feels.  I tend to fall at least once a year while I'm on a run, and more when I'm not running.  Really I'm a klutz!  A very nice man witnessed my demise and asked if everything was OK.  After insisting several times that I was, he offered me some baby wipes.  Those were a godsend.  I need to start carrying those single pack wet ones that I have.  It was so nice to clean out the scrapes right away instead of waiting another 5 plus miles.

Beyond the spill, the run went really well.  Since the novice group was doing the same route, I was in good company with others around me the whole run.  And dispute the temperatures, only one mile was over 14 minutes - and that wasn't even the mile where I fell.  The route was fun, as it went through neighborhoods where it's fun to look around and a local college.  And shaded, though it was overcast most of the morning.

Saturday ended with a Shakespeare play in an outside theater.  The temperatures cooled off a lot and made the evening really enjoyable.  It was nice way to end a good day.

Have you ever fallen during a run?  Has it ever been so bad that you couldn't continue?


  1. Sorry about the fall. It sounds like that run was done at a pretty good pace though!

    I've never fallen during a run but I did wipe out on my bike pretty badly a few years ago. I was on the rail trail and an elderly couple who was walking came to make sure I was okay. I had to convince them that I didn't need them to call 911.

  2. Yeah, it was more embarrassing then painful. I remember you telling me about that fall.