Monday, May 8, 2017

Short Weekly Update (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

I'm not quite done with my next recap of my Star Wars Dark Side Weekend.  In the middle of my Epcot recount, which is getting long enough to turn into two posts.  But work and life and just wanting to sit on my couch yesterday kinda got in the way.  So here are just some things that happened.

I signed up for Princess Weekend.  I have done this race once in 2014.  My friend said that she wanted to do it again to do the Glass Slipper (or is it Fairy Tail) Challenge on the anniversary year.  I had said I would do it with her, so we signed up.  The funny part is that she was so busy that day that she forgot to sign up.  Yup, the only reason I signed up was now not able to sign up because the challenge was all sold out.  But the good thing was, she was able to get in with a travel partner.  So we have our bibs, a room, and park tickets.  Half the planning is now done.  It all worked out well in the end after a few stressful moments.

And four days later I signed up for the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge.  They had a special link sent out to past participants to be able to sign up early.  I took advantage of that, and the $10 discount, and signed up for that weekend too.  Better start saving my money. :)  Just now waiting to see if they will ever get the Star Wars Light Side weekend on sale.  Somethings up with that and no one knows.  Will there be a change or will they cancel the weekend?  No one knows.....

I hurt my left quad last week.  Not really sure how it happened, but it started hurting Thursday night.  Probably did a little too many weights.  I took the weekend off from running and was going to run this morning, but it still hurt.  I know I have to get my butt in gear if I want to do that triathlon.  I did swim for the first time in a year for about 20 minutes which was good.  But my leg was bothering me and I didn't want to push it.  And if I don't get out on my bike soon, I may just bag the triathlon.  It's just hard to get on the bike this time of year.  The weather just fluctuates too much.  I hope to get back in the swing of things by the end of the week (cross fingers).

I've been reading Robin Robert's book Everybody's Got Something on my lunch breaks and I LOVE it.  She seems so real on Good Morning America and this book just makes me want her as a friend.  She is amazing dealing with all of her health issues and still being such a positive force.

I also spent a bit of time cleaning up the back end of this blog this weekend and how I wanted it connected to YouTube and my email.  Google has a ton of features and it got to be confusing on the back-end on what I was updating and what I was messing up.  But for now, I'm happy on how it is all connected.

My mom is having a knee replacement next Monday.  Which also means my dad (who has dementia) will be going into respite care for the first time.  A lot of unknowns and just a bit of stress next week.  And I hate that we won't know the time of her surgery till Friday evening.  It makes it hard to give a schedule of my time off for work.

And my birthday is tomorrow.  I usually take the day off, but since I have no vacation time with the new job, I'll be working.  I'll be going to Ruth Chris' on Saturday with a friend and then Brunch at the Jefferson on Sunday with my parents to celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day.  So it will be very low key this year.

How was your week?

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  1. I hope everything goes well with your mom's surgery. It's a shame that you can't spend her birthday with her, but I'm sure she will understand.

    I hope your hamstring feels better soon.

  2. YAY for getting in for Princess Weekend and Star Wars Weekend! So much fun! Hope your mom's surgery goes well and your quad feels better soon!

  3. Happy Birthday! I can't believe your friend forgot to sign up for Princess. But, at least she did get in. I hope your quad is feeling better. I don't like riding my bike in the wind so it's been sitting on the trainer. Good luck with your Mom's surgery (and Dad)! Thanks for linking, Heather!