Friday, February 17, 2017

Murder Mystery Dinner (Friday Five Edition)

So on Tuesday instead of sitting at home doing nothing on Valentine's Day, friends and I went out and had a Murder Mystery dinner.  We were being called "Gal-intine".  It was a really fun night.  Here are some things about it.

1. We went to Maggiano's Italian Restaurant.  They do this about once a month, usually on holidays.  The mystery part of the dinner was put on by Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery USA.  They sat us at a table with two other couples.

2.  Included in the price was a three course dinner, chocolates, and a glass of champagne.  Any other drinks were for sale.  The first and last course was AMAZING.  The main course was just OK.  I will look to see to get some of those appetizers next time I go there for dinner.

3.  They started the first part of the mystery while they were delivering the first course, so we were distracted while trying to figure out what was going on.  I wish they would have waited till we had our food on the table.

4.  They started off with a hit woman that came in and the detective stopped and killed her before she could kill her target.  I yelled out that the detective did it, but they wouldn't take that as the answer as that wasn't the actual murder. 

The man standing was the detective

5. The murdered person and a couple of the witnesses were there like they were guests.  They were seated and ate dinner with us (till they were accused or murdered).  They had several clues, which all were some sort of written notes and a news paper article.

Different notes found on the ground throughout the night

In the end we figured out the basis of the who done it.  We were to write down our answers, but I guess ours were not the best.  Overall it was a lot of fun.  I would defiantly do something like that again.

The "Gal-intine" Girls

Did you do anything fun for Valentine's?  Have you ever done a murder mystery dinner? 

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  1. What a great way to spend V-day! Glad you had fun. So it sounds like you figured out who did it, why wasn't your answer the best?