Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trying New Things in the Kitchen...

For almost a year, I have been learning how to eat healthier.  This not only has me buying more fresh food, but also has me trying out new (or any) recipes.  This past week I have come up with a few firsts.  Last week, I bought my first cantaloupe.  While most won't find this a big deal, that fruit (well really all melons) have really intimidated me.  I love the fruit, when someone else has picked it out and cut it up, but trying to pick out a good melon and cutting it really wasn't something that I felt I was ready to do on my own, till last week.  I picked up a great cantaloupe and easily chopped it all up.  I was so confident with this, that I bought a three pack from Costco this week.  Yay me.

A few weeks ago, I was able to successfully cook a fish that didn't taste horrible.  I love fish, but this has always been something I failed at.  When I cooked it, I did it in the oven wrapped in foil.  I think that is the key for me when cooking a fish, wrap it up in foil.  I've tried it a couple times with success both times.

The big thing for me is that I cooked my first whole chicken.  While I had been getting pretty good at cooking chicken breasts in my slow cooker, I had never tried a full chicken.  This I boiled as I'm still a little too shaky to try to bake a chicken.  But the chicken was moist and really good.  I'm still eating the left overs now, which I think is my favorite part.  Though I really wasn't a fan of de-boning it.

This weekend my parents are coming over to help me plant a tree, so I offered to cook them dinner.  The menu includes salmon cooked with squash/zucchini/tomatoes (in foil!), corn on the cob and/or braised greens, and cut fruit.  For desert I thought I would try to make some hot cross buns, as it is Easter.  I feel very confident that it will turn out great!

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