Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tons of Books

Starting at the beginning of this year, I have been really obsessed with reading.  I can't get enough of the written word.  My favorites seem to by mystery/thrillers, especially when they have to do with a strong female role, especially if they are P.I.s.  I don't know what the drawl is, but it has me reading and that's great.  I use to be an avid reader when I was a teenager.  I hit college and found that I had better things to do.  A few years back, I started up again.  And this year I'm devowering every book I can find.  Here is the list of books I have read this year.

1) Eat, Pray, Love - Now not a normal type book for me but a friend let me borrow it several months before and I thought I should just get it read.  It does have some interesting tidbits, but I'm not a huge fan of the last part of the book.  And I watched the movie after I finished the book and all I have to say is that it's too long.

2) Murder... Suicide... Whatever... - This is a new P.I. writer that took a real long time to get to the jist of the story, but the last third picked up enough that I just ordered the second book in this series.

3) I is for Innocent - This book I borrowed from my mom.  I have never read the Alphabet series, but I did listen to U is for Undertow on my cross country trip last November.  Both books were light and a fun read so I decided to start from the beginning.

4) The Red Garden - I loved this book and would recommend it to almost anyone.  It's a bunch of short stories (sort of) that have to do with a town from it's founding to present day.  You follow the generations of families in this town through the different short stories and just fall in love with the town.

5) A is for Alibi - So I started the Alphabet series from the beginning.  A light quick read, that is enjoyable.  Though it is weird to read books from the '80s and see how things have changed.

6) Postmortem - This series fallows a Chief Medical Officer as she gets the mysteries that surround her "patients".  I got into this series from a recommendation from someone because it takes place in my home town.  It's real cool to read about the different parts of town and roads that I really know.

7) B is for Burglar - Another Kinsey Milhone story.  Not much to say about the series beyond they are easy and fun reads.  Though I have started to notice that the Epilogue is never even a page long, so I feel like the arc of the story comes, we find out who did it, and then that's it.  No real end to the story like I would like to see.  But the books are still fun and easy reads.

8) Body of Evidence - The second in the Kay Scarpetta series.  Same as the first, though I missed having her niece around.  She was a fun character that added balance.  This series also was first written in the 80's so I'm having to remember that cell phones were not normal and they really had to look for a pay phone to talk to anyone. 

9) Jane Eyre - This was a book on CD that I was listening to when I had time.  There are a lot of classic books that I never read and always wanted to.  I really enjoyed this story a lot.

10) C is for Corpse - Same as all the other Kinsey Milhone series.

11) All that Remains - The third in the Kay Scarpetta series.  And more of the same.

12) The Spellmans Strike Again - This is the fourth in the Spellman series that I have read over the last couple years.  I really do enjoy this series.  It's a P.I. that has grown up in a family of P.I.s.  The family is nuts and the stories are fun.  I would really recommend this series to anyone that likes a quick mystery involving crazy people.

13) Cruel and Unusual - This is the forth in the Kay Scarpetta series.  I am now noticing that every case she gets involved in, turns out to be all about her.  I understand that the investigator has to get involved, but the reason of these bad things can't always be because of the main character.  But over all the book was good, just starting to be a little bothersome.  I have been told her latest books aren't any good, so I'll keep reading them till I'm not happy reading them at all.

14) D is for Deadbeat - The forth in the Kinsey Milhone series.  Again enjoyable and a little put off by the lack of conclusion.  But not enough to stop reading the series.

15) E is for Evidence - The fifth in the Kinsey Milhone series.  Same as the rest.

Currently I am reading the next book after Murder... Suicide... Whatever... I'm also reading a book on a Kindle which is going slow as I save that for when I'm out of the house, and just started a book on CD which will also go slow as my commute is not long so I don't have that many opportune times to just listen to a book.  I will review other books as I finish them.

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