Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I've been trying to process the results of this election today and am having a hard time doing so.  I'm not one that usually talks politics publicly, but I have to process this somehow.  I'm saddened today to know that over half of the people I live with in this country want a bully for a president.  Someone that can be so crass and mean to those that hold a different way of thinking that he does.  I believe in inclusion and that the differences in others are what make them interesting and beautiful.  If we were all rich white guys, life would be pretty boring.  I'm sad that the children today will see that to be successful you have to be mean and push others down to push yourself up.  I'm scared that he will push the wrong country too far.  I'm scared that others might feel it is OK to belittle, and maybe even worse, hurt others because they are different from themselves.  I need to keep my head held high and stand my ground for what I believe.  I will hope for the best these next four years.  I want to believe there is good in everyone, especially Mr. Trump.

Till then, watch some funny cat videos....

Or my favorite Cat in a Shark Costume riding on a Roomba series....

Like seriously, go watch them all!


  1. The cat videos help!! Thank you!

    Let's keep holding our heads up high!

  2. The cat videos definitely help! I think we can take all the time we need to grieve and then continue doing what we can to make sure that love trumps hate.