Monday, September 19, 2016

Heart Rate Training Week 8 (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

So this week really wasn't a good week training wise or really any other wise.

I don't have a running theme picture, so I thought I'd share one of my kitty
I think and hope my trifecta of bad new has hit me.  First was my back, which I still haven't been able to run because of.  Second, was issues with my dad and needing help while my mom is at work.  And now, this past week, I found out that I'll be losing my job at the end of the year because of outsourcing.

So my back is a little better, but it still hurts to run, so I haven't.  PT and the dry needling has helped, but I wish it would work faster.  I did a 5 mile walk on the treadmill on Monday and a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood on Friday.  Both hurt a little, but it's good to keep moving.  I did go to the gym twice this week too, but really haven't felt like I have done anything.  I'm hoping to do a long walk (and maybe a run here and there) this next weekend.  MCM is coming up and I'm getting nervous.

My dad's situation has gotten better.  My mom found a neighborhood kid (well not a kid, he's 21) to help out.  I went by on Tuesday and Wednesday to be there just in case anything happened.  Things seemed to mellow out and I think he will work out.  At least I really hope so.  We will see how things go on his own this week.  Fingers crossed.

As for my job, they are outsourcing some things and about 60 of us will be gone in 3-6 months.  I have a nice severance package which I only get if I stay till the end of the year.  I've already been looking for a new job so this really isn't the worst news.  I now have a chance to try something new in IT or get out of IT all together.  Right now the sky's the limit and I'll be trying to figure out what I want to do in the next month.

And then last night I had a dream that my car was stolen.  Really?  I don't need something else right now so I'm glad it was only a dream.

So now things can only go up and get better.  Right?

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  1. Oh no, I'm sorry that you've had more bad news :( I'm glad to hear that the back is getting better and that things seem to be improving with your dad too. Fingers crossed on no more bad news for you!

  2. OmG! it has been a rough month! I hope your back continues to heal! And I'm glad you found somebody to help with your Dad.

    Good luck finding something! I'm sure there is something out there better for you!

    1. The world is my oyster right now. It will be a change, but hopefully it will be interesting.

  3. Hopefully putting the news out here about your job will result in some connections being made! You never know who knows someone that knows someone who needs to hire someone!
    I am glad that your car didn't get stolen cus that would make it difficult for you to come
    Speaking of, if your back is in no shape for a long run, we can always ride bike instead.

    1. Biking could be fun. Let's see how this weekend goes with my running. :)

    2. Why is it that everything seems to happen at once? I think you have the right attitude about the job change. It opens the door for all types of new possibilities. How exciting! I hope your back continues to improve. I know how frustrating injury can be! Thanks for linking, Heather!

  4. Goodness I sure hope your back gets better! When it rains it does pour! Keep your chin up things will get better! :)