Friday, September 2, 2016

Five Running Wearables (Friday Five Edition)

Happy Friday!  Very much looking forward to the long weekend (and taking next week off from work).  Today I wanted to show off what I wear when I run.  Not necessarily clothes, but my gadgets and other things that make my run better, safer, and more fun. :)

First is my watch and heart rate monitor.  Right now I'm using the Garmin 920XT.  I got this earlier this year for a couple reasons.  First, I thought I was going to do at least one triathlon this summer, but that didn't happen.  Also, my old Garmin 610 was having issues keeping the charger connected, so it was getting very frustrating to keep it charged.  The one thing I don't like about the 920XT is the buttons at the bottom.  The two buttons are for lap and stop.  At least once a week I accidentally hit one of those buttons while I adjust my watch on the wrist.

As you see, I like to wear my Apple Watch as well.  It's part of my OCD where I want my circles and steps counted.  It's sort of like wearing a FitBit.  I also like to wear my Garmin on the side of my wrist.  It makes it easier to look down on it as I just have to raise my arm instead of turn it as well.  I know, I'm lazy. :)

I use the Scosche Rhythm Plus heart rate monitor.  I like it because it can be worn on the arm instead of the chest.  I had a hard time not only with chafing but keeping the heart rate monitor working.  No matter where I placed it on my chest, I only ever got half my work out logged at best.  You can wear the Scosche above or below the elbow.  I like to wear it on the opposite arm right below the elbow.  And so far it's been good.  I have had some on going issues in the first couple miles where it reads a lower heart rate then I have.

Second, is what I wear for safety.  I always have on a Road ID when I go out for a run or bike ride.  Right now I have three of them.  The first one I got years ago was the purple one that I wear around my wrist.  Earlier this year when I got the Scosche heart rate monitor I felt like I had way too many things on my wrist, so I got the yellow one.  This one goes around my ankle and I like the bright color of it as it reflects.  Then recently, Road ID started selling ID's that attach to the Apple Watch.  I knew I had to have that.  I don't even notice that it's on the watch.

Because these mornings have been darker I have taken steps to make sure I'm seen by drivers.  I am very paranoid about having driver see me, not only in the dark, but when it's dusky out.  Some days I feel like a dork wearing all that, but I'd rather feel like a dork then be hit by a car.  One thing I do is make sure I wear bright colors.  Right now I have a bunch of tank tops that are very bright.  When things start to get cooler, I do have that pink jacket that has the reflective material built in.  And if I'm wearing something dark colored I have a reflective vest that I wear.

I also have an assortment of lights that I use. I have a headlamp that I use when it's dark and I need something to help me see the road.  I also have knuckle lights that I hold that can either do the same thing or be light so drivers can see me.  I also have a belt and ankle light that flashes, both purchased from Gone for a Run.  Depending on how dark it is and if I'm running my neighborhood or not depends on what and how many lights I wear.

Third is wearable hydration.  When I do short runs in my neighborhood I wear my running belt by SLS3 (pictured on the left).  Next to that is a hand held water bottle holder.  I'll also use that on shorter runs if it's hotter then normal.  It's great cause I can just use one of the many plastic water bottles I have and it fits around most.  And for me it's easier to carry a bottle with the strap.

For runs shorter then 10 miles I use my Fitletic hydration belt.  It's a basic belt with 3 add on water bottles (8 oz each) and the SmartCase add on.  I can fit my GU's, phone, Sports Beans, and some tissues in there.  It's the belt I usually wear for half marathons and marathons.  It also has toggles to put my bib on so I don't have to put holes in my shirts.

For longer training runs when I need more water and GU I wear my hydration vest.  This is the PB Adventure Vest 2.0 by Ultimate Direction.  For the most part I like the vest.  It has two 20 oz. bottles and tons of space to carry basically anything.  The things about the vest I don't like is because I'm a bigger girl, the water bottles look like I have two torpedoes coming out of my chest.  Also, while it has a lot of storage, most of the pockets are hard to get to unless you take the vest off.  So I usually just use the front pockets and put my phone in the side, knowing it will take some maneuvering to get it out.  But it's nice to be able to stash a jacket in the back for when it gets warm or cold.  You can also buy a bladder to put in the back.  I haven't needed that much hydration yet, so I don't think I'll be doing that.

Forth is music.  I listen to mostly music on short runs and books on tape for long runs.  I use an iPod Nano.  I love this generation as unlike the shuffle it has a screen to be able to easily get from one playlist to the next.  And unlike the newer version of the Nano, it has a built in clip.  I can clip it on my shirt or belt and not worry about it.  My headphones are JVC.  I've tried many of them and I like these the best.  Best thing is that they are under $15.  One issue I have found is that the plastic ear pieces can fall off.  I'll glue them about once a month, but also have just bought extra ear pieces to replace them when I do loose them.  That white thing on the ear phone cord is a Bud Button by SPRK.  I have always had an issue with hitting the cord and yanking out my ear phones.  I wrap some of the extra cord in this and it clips on my shirt or jacket by magnets.  I haven't had an issue of yanking out my ear phones since.

Fifth is sunglasses.  I don't like to wear hats or visors (unless it's raining) so I rely on my sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes.  I really like this pair by Scattante Team because they are photochromatic lenses which change with how much light is out there.  I bought them at a bike shop and have been very happy with them.  I can wear them during races where the sun is just rising and know that I can still see when it's dark out (and don't have to carry them).  They are also very breathable and do not fog up.

There are so many other things that I rely on from clothing to my handy towel that I could go on and on.  This is already a very long post so I'll leave it here.  And a side note, I have no affiliation with any of these companies.  I have tried many things and these are the ones I have been happy with so far.

Are there anything you run with that is a must?  How do you stay safe in the dark?

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  1. I kind of gave up on fitness trackers because I couldn't find one that did everything I wanted it to

    1. Yeah, I wish that Apple and Garmin would put their minds together and make an amazing watch.

  2. I'm glad you are staying safe out there. Do you have pepper spray?

    1. No. My thought is that if anything happened, I wouldn't have enough time to get anything out of my pouch. My running vest does have a whistle attached to it.