Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Race Memorabilia (Tuesdays on the Run Edition)

Race memorabilia.  If you do more then a couple races, there are tons.  Every race you get a bib and most likely a shirt.  Most of the longer races you get a medal.  And then there are all the extras: programs, backpacks, finisher hats, finisher glasses, finisher blankets (or mylar).  What to do with all this stuff????  This is what I have done in the past.

Programs - I think I have only gotten programs from runDisney.  I do seem to keep a hold of them.  They are all in a box with all the other paperwork I can't seem to toss after I get back from a trip.

Drawstring Backpacks - I keep those as they are handy to have an extra small bag when needed.  Either for a trip or everyday.

Towels and Blankets - I've had a few races give out real towels or blankets after the race.  I love getting those cause I can use them in my everyday life.  As for the Mylar blankets, I used to toss those, but I found that they are very useful before a race.  I now keep them and bring along with me just in case.  They are easy to pack and toss when the race starts.

Bibs - I never kept my bibs till after I did my first runDisney race.  They are actually really pretty and I didn't want to toss them.  At some point I started a display of them on my wall.  In all honesty, I'm not sure I really like them, because the different sized bibs are hard to display nicely.  As you can see, I have put them in plastic holders to try and make them more uniform.  I'm still not very happy how they came out, but I love the wooden display behind. 

Shirts - I have tons of shirts.  Shirts that come with the race, shirts I have bought, and even shirts that are given away at booths at the expo.  Some of them I still have to run in or go to the gym.  But if you do enough races they do pile up.  So I have made a couple of blankets out of my shirts.  The first one is of all the shirts I collected over the years.  Most were cotton that I don't wear anymore, so I was happy to make them into something useful.  I did a guest post on Fairytales and Fitness on the process of getting that blanket. 

The second was of all the shirts that I collected when I did Dopey earlier this year.  This probably was a very expensive blanket as I bought all the "I Did It!" shirts knowing I wanted to make them into a blanket.  It also includes the outfits I wore during the race, which were race themed.  These blankets were done by Project Repat.  I have no affiliation with them, but I would recommend them to everyone.  They blankets are done very well and they are warm and fun to snuggle under.  And they are always running some sort of discount.

Medals - I most defiantly display my medals.  My medals started off by hanging on my stair banister.  They would clank every time I walked up or down the stairs.  The hallway downstairs was looking a little bare, so I decided to hang them.   I started this wall out with one hanger of medals....

And then I did my first runDisney races and added this...

And then I added some photos and more medals...

And then I added the runDisney side...

And then exploded into this...

And then the other side of the hallway happened....

Everything on both of these walls have a story...(I hope you like the video, it's my first - and a pain to upload)

The medal hangers are from Sport Hooks.  They are always at the big race expos and everyone there is so very nice and helpful.  They have a design for everyone, even if they have to custom make them.  Again, I have no affiliation with them, I just really like their product.

What have you done with your race memorabilia?   Do you toss them or put them into a box somewhere under the bed?


  1. Nice display! I have one medal hanger so far but it's getting full and I'm thinking I may need to expand soon :) I'm also saving shirts for a blanket. I think yours look great.

    1. Be careful, it can easily become something big! Thanks!

  2. I am always amazed by those of you with such great creativity to display your medals and do something with the shirts.

    Mine sit in a drawer in my dresser, I like them there best.

    1. If I had already decorated the hallway, all my medals would still be in a drawer too. :) Though I'm really glad I made the blankets as I always am cold no matter what time of year. :)

  3. Hey, I'm the injured friend...lol
    I still have that medal but am afraid to hang it cus it's SO heavy!!
    You definitely have lots of memories on that wall!

    1. Yeah, it's fun to walk down the hall and think about one race or another or even the training that went into them. I haven't had any issue with the big medal...yet. :)

  4. Wow! Your achievements are great. Good runner! I like how to display yours.