Friday, August 12, 2016

Fuel on the Run (Friday Five Edition)

What a crazy week it has been.  Good thing about crazy weeks is that Friday comes real quick!  I thought I would use this Friday Five on how I fuel for long runs and races.  Besides water, I usually don't fuel on any run shorter then 90 minutes. 

1. Honey Stinger Waffles - This is usually my pre-run fuel.  I am not one that likes to eat in the morning, so I'll usually wait till I'm hungry and by then it could be after an early run.  If it's a short run or a strength training day I may take a bite out of one.  But not always, it just depends on how I feel that day.  Before a long run I eat a whole waffle.  I like these not only cause they are yummy, but they are easy to travel with.  They also come in a lot of fun flavors.  The one issue I have is that they are very crumbly and can make quite a mess.  I have waffle crumbs all over the floor of my car. 

2. 5-Hour Energy - I usually only use these before a very long run or race.  I don't drink caffeine regularly, so I don't like to do these on a regular basis either.  But when I do, it gives me so much of a boost that I feel like I'm bouncing around.  I had someone at a race ask my friend if there was something wrong with me cause I was so bouncy before a race after drinking one of these.  I have found the generic brands work just as well.

3. Clif Shot Gels - These are the only Gu that I found that doesn't gag me.  I have found that these are thicker then other brands and don't feel like I'm eating slime.  Most of the flavors are good too.  The Vanilla one tastes like icing.  Yum!  Before this summer I would take one every 30-45 minutes on a run longer then 90 minutes.  One of the coaches on the Richmond Marathon Training Team said something about not needing fuel on long runs.  I did some Googling and found that he isn't the only one saying crazy things like that.  But of everything I have read, it mostly pertained to those that run a heck of a lot faster then I do.  Since I'm out there a lot longer, and do have some stomach issues, and after some experiments, I have found I still have to fuel for runs longer then 90 minutes.  I have been playing around with something every 45 minutes and that seems to work well.

4.Jelly Belly - I love me some Jelly Bellies.  They are just like Jelly Beans (with some extra stuff added).  I like to use these on longer runs when the Gel just gets a bit much and I need something to suck on.  They are also easy to carry.  Plus they come in these awesome Star Wars themed pouches.

5. Apple Sauce - If you read my post about my first marathon you know that I was dealing a nauseous stomach from food poisoning.  After the race they had apple sauce packets and they were amazing.  I now buy these to have after my runs as they are an easy way to get some fuel when things just don't feel right.  I look for flavors that I like and also the packets with the most calories (so not like me).

While there are other things that I love to have on the run, most are too hard to carry on a long run.  The nice thing about being on a training team is at the SAGs, they not only have water and Gatorade, but also things like gummy bears and pretzels.  Two I would love to have on my run if they were easier to carry.

What do you use to fuel your run?  Any tips on carrying other things that are not Gu?

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  1. I will agree with you that the Vanilla clif really does taste like frosting!!!
    I love Jelly Bellies and wanted to love the sport beans but I just couldn't eat them while running. In fact, I noticed that I can't chew and run so I prefer only GU type products.
    Have you tried any other packets besides Apple sauce? I was told by a nutritionist that baby food packets work well too because they are very easy on the stomach while providing nutrients. You might want to try those!

    1. The baby food is a good idea. I'll have to take a look next time I am at the store.

  2. You had food poisoning before a Marathon? Wow! That's crazy!

    Depending on the time of the day, is what I will eat before a run, long or tempo. When I was marathon training, I used to pack a bagel in my running belt and nibble on it when I was hungry. I would also pack a trailmix cookie and in really cold days, I would stop at my car for hot chocolate.

    1. Oh hot chocolate sounds amazing in the middle of a long run in the cold.

  3. I love waffles pre-run! They're just the right amount of fuel. I used to use the sport beans all the time but I found they weren't enough. Now I use ProBar BOLT and real food like pretzels and things.

    1. Never had ProBar BOLT, might have to give that a try. Pretzels are real nice to counteract all the sweet stuff of sports drinks and gus.