Friday, August 5, 2016

Five Exercises I Do Everyday (Friday Five Edition)

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Since my first half marathon several years ago, I have been plagued with IT band and knee issues on my left leg.  Below are five exercises and stretches I do every day - well at least 5 days a week.  I can tell when I slack off.  I have found that my cats love "helping" me do my exercises.

**Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or physical therapist.   These are just things I have picked up over the last few years that I have found that has helped me.  Everyone is different and different things work for different people.

1. The Clam Shell - I put a band around my lower thighs right above the knees.  It's best to start with no band and work your way up.  I started out with 20 reps both sides and am now at 60.  I need to get a tighter band and start back down at 20.

2. Standing Abductor Lifts (to the side, angled back, and to the front) - I use a band around my ankles, but like the clam shells, it's best to start off without, you still get a good workout.  I do the side and angled back to help my hips and glutes and the front to help strengthen my quads.  I do 40 each leg, each position.

3. Seated Leg Lifts - The teacher of my FT class I take at the gym got me hooked on these.  When I start building up my mileage I try to find extra things to help strengthen my quads.  This little move does not look like it does a lot, but man it really gets your quads good.  I do 20 quick pulses then five slow ones trying to get as high as I can and then 20 more pulses.  To make it harder, don't let your heal touch when your leg comes down.

4. Butterfly/Piriformis/Glute Med - I love these stretches!  My hips get so tight the more I run.  A lot of that tightness is in my glutes.  I do the butterfly and each leg twice to the count of 20.

5. Rolling - I roll everything.  My IT band, quads, hips, glutes (though sometimes it's hard to hit that right spot), and back.  I love to hate my rollers.

It hurts so good! I have to credit this and point to the post which is great!

I have several rollers.  The green one is a softer one which I use for my back.  The smooth black one is a harder one which I really try to get my IT band, glutes, and quads with.  The spiky one is just as much a torture apparatus as it looks.  I only use that when something is so tight, I can't get it worked out with the others.  Both black ones are a nice travel size to bring with me on race-cations.  The two sticks are hand held versions of the rollers.  They are great to have in the office or for travel when space is limited.

I did use this at the gym and think I might have found another one for my collection.  It's really an addiction.

I do a few other things to stretch and work my core a little, but these are the basics.  In total, it takes me about 20 minutes to do everything.  Sometimes if I have time and feel like it, I'll spend longer stretching and rolling, especially after a long run (and I'm not rushing off to work after).  I overall feel a lot better doing it everyday.

What exercises do you do?   Do you love to hate your rollers too?  Do your pets love to "help" you stretch?

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  1. These tips of exercises are so important to help stay healthy overall! Love your roller collection!

  2. I do clamshells all the time too! I have never seen those leg lifts- I'll have to give them a try. Great routine!

    1. The leg lifts are powerful for such a small move. Thanks!

  3. I have been slacking on the stretching but was just thinking about getting back to doing Clamshells. I like the stretches that use the bands. Yes, Baylee always has to have a part in my stretching. It's like that's the time she thinks she needs to sit on my lap!

    1. Yeah, the moment I get things out, Aiden is right there. He thinks it's cuddle time.

  4. That's quite the collection of foam rollers! I need to get better about rolling. I only do it when my muscles are feeling tight but I should do it more regularly.

    1. I set an alarm on my phone every day to remind me. It doesn't help all of the time, but it does help me some of the time.