Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Star Wars Light Side 5k & Disneyland 2017 vlog (Tuesdays on the Run Edition)

I'll be continuing on with more of my vlogs.  If you haven't seen the previous ones, here they are:
Today I want to share with you the 5k and the time we spent in Disneyland afterward.

First, the 5k.

Click here to read the 5k recap.

And then our time at Disneyland.

Click here to read the Disneyland recap.

And for those of you that are Star Wars fans, we saw the original trailers for Episode IV-VI.  I only caught Empire and Return of the Jedi as I wasn't expecting them to start with.  So here are the two of them.  They are very interesting to see how they advertised these movies back in the 70's and 80's before it became a whole thing.

Make sure you check out my vlogs about the 10k and Half!


  1. Looking forward to watching these when I get home this afternoon! :)

  2. I'm loving these vlogs.
    My mom and I were just discussing today how fun the Disneyland races were!