Sunday, October 9, 2016

Running 23 Miles with Matthew (Weekly Wrap-up Edition)

So on Saturday, I ran 23 miles with Hurricane Matthew.  While we didn't get a direct hit, we got a lot of rain and some wind.  Not bad enough to cancel the run, but enough for it to be a very wet run.

Monday I didn't go out for a run as I didn't have time.  Plus I kinda counted the hiking we did on Sunday as a run.  Wednesday I got out there and had a great run.  I worked from home so I ended up being able to run after the sun came up.  I really felt like I was finally getting back to where I was before I hurt my back.  There was a guy that was out there with his dog.  He said he has seen me running a lot and to keep it up.  Makes up for the stupid guy last week. :)

Friday while it was still a good run, I felt slower.  I realized it was a lot more humid on Friday then it was on Wednesday.  I had to go into the office, so I had to run before the sun came up.  This is the time of the year where the acorns are falling from the trees.  They kept hitting different surfaces and freaked me out a bit.  That and the acorns were all over the road and I had to watch myself at some places.

Saturday the long arms of Hurricane Matthew hit us.  The weather was in the upper 60's but there was a lot of rain.  I started off before the MTT group as they only had 20 miles on the docket and I wanted to get in 23.  I ran up and back for an extra 3 miles and then off on the route given to us.  I only had 4 miles that I ran over a 16 minute mile.  I was so impressed with my consistency through the run.  I didn't feel like I ran out of steam at the end like I usually do.

I felt like Matthew was keeping me company on my run.  Most of the time it was a light rain, but every so often it would down pour.  And there would be wind gusts every so often.  Every time the rain or wind picked up, I felt like he was encouraging me to keep going.  I just had to embrace the rain and enjoy what was given to me.

The route that they had for us went through a lot of nice neighborhoods.  It was still a little dark out, but there was a lot of street lights still on.  I ran by this church that had signs of all the terrorist attacks that have happened and at the end is a sign that says "Love One Another".  I was very touched by this.

I also ran by a few houses that had Halloween decorations up.  This was my favorite one.

This same house had a big metal rooster and it really reminded me of The Bloggess.

But most of the run this was my view.  A lot of rain.

And a lot of puddles to watch out for.

I used this run to see what time I would make it for mile 15.5 and mile 18 for MCM.  So that I can beat The Gauntlet, I would have to be there no later then 12:38 PM.  Which means if I cross the start line right at 7:55 AM then I have 4:43 to get there.  If I cross the start line at 8:55 AM then I have 3:43.  I got to 15.5 on my training run in 4:03, which means I have to cross the start line by 8:35 AM or earlier to feel comfortable.

To beat the bridge at mile 18 by 1:15 PM.  That would mean I would need to get there between 4:20 - 5:20.  I got there in 4:40.  Plenty of time after getting past The Gauntlet.  So my main concern will be getting to The Gauntlet on time.

I was still one of the last people that got back to the parking lot.  I just hate that feeling that I know I did great for me, but still one of the last people to finish.  I told one of the coaches that I did an extra 3 miles and he scoffed at me.  The MTT thought of training is that you only need to do 20.  One would think that they would encourage you if you felt better doing something different from that.  There is not one way to train, and I'm doing what is best for me feeling like I can get to the finish line.

When I got home I saw how badly I chaffed.  I used so much Glide on myself because I knew it was going to rain the whole time and it didn't help.  I'm chaffed between my thighs, on my waist, and all around my bra line.  I also wish I had shorts and a sports bra that would treat my body better.  But thank goodness for Aquafur!

So now I have two weeks of tapering and then it's race time, though it really hasn't hit me, yet.  Some people have a hard time with taper time, but I really try to embrace it.  I feel really good about MCM after this run but I know I will be very nervous about beating those times.

Do you ever feel encouraged by the weather, even bad weather?  Do you look forward to taper time or dread it?  

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  1. Look at you running that far in the rain! Makes me feel bad that I was going to walk today but didn't because it was very windy. I guess the wind was just an excuse! Good job girl!

    1. You know the race could be in the rain. Have to train for all conditions. Though I rather run in the ran the the wind we had here Sunday. That takes a lot of energy to deal with.

  2. Congrats on feeling so strong during your long run! Especially with that rain and wind. It sounds like you're in good shape for MCM. I'll be down there cheering :) And that sucks that one of the coaches scoffed about your differences in training :( We all need to train they best way for us and one way isn't going to work for everyone.

    1. Yes that run has given me a huge confidence boost. Just need to get through the next three weeks and the bunch of nerves it comes with. :)

  3. Ha how cute the Halloween decorations. I really wished we lived where I could decorate, I mean I can but no one would see it but us. That is a great job on your 23 miles and super you hung in there!
    Wow the Gauntlet does sound intimidating! I think your going to do great in MCM. Enjoy the taper so you'll be fresh and ready for race day!

    1. I'm in a cul-de-sac so I feel the same way. I may put a couple things out depending when I get home on Monday so at least the Trick-or-Treaters can see them. And thanks!

  4. Way to go on those 23 Miles!! that is fantastic! That chicken does look like the chicken from the Jenny Lawson book! that made me laugh!

    I always get nervous that it will be rainy and windy for a race, but I have trained in rainy and windy, so it won't catch me off guard!

  5. Two words: Trail Toes. You'll never chafe again and yes put it everywhere. I'm impressed you ran that many miles in the rain. You're tough! And BOO to the MTT. Enjoy your well deserved taper. Good luck with your race and beating The Gauntlet (even though I don't really know what that is! LOL). Thanks for linking, Heather!