Friday, December 9, 2016

What's Next? (Friday Five Edition)

So today is my last day at work.  I have vacation that I'm using till the end of the year and then that's it.  So a lot of my thoughts are on what will I be doing next.  I have 7 months of severance so there are a lot of things up in the air right now.

1. Job hunting - I get this question often.  And really, right now, most companies are not hiring because of the end of the year, holidays, and budgets.  I have done a great deal of networking the last couple of months and will start up again in January.

2. Traveling - While I don't want to spend too much money on vacations, this is a perfect time go do some traveling.  I already had a couple things on the schedule and I'm trying to decide if I want to do anything else.  The only problem is that all my friends still have jobs, so it will be a little harder to find someone to do something spur of the moment.

3. Cleaning - I have to admit I'm a bit of a pack rat.  It doesn't help that I have very little storage in my house.  So I want to use some of this time to just purge and get rid of things out of my house that I really don't need.  Hopefully I can stay motivated and get a good amount done.

4. Classes - Our severance package includes some money to use for training.  We have two years to use it and it doesn't have to be IT specific.  So I'm looking around to what might be useful to my career and more importantly, what might be fun.

5. Relaxing - December and most of January probably won't be the best time for me to have a lot of time to relax as I have so much going on.  But it will be nice not to have to worry about work on top of everything.  So I'm hoping to get some reading done, binge some TV shows, and cuddling with the kitties.

Have you had some extended time off before?  What did you do with your time?

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  1. I moved to Dallas without a job because I left mine in Boston to try to make it in Dallas. It took me 9 months of looking, but I got it done. I used that free time around job hunting to get back into shape. I'd let myself get out of shape during my first job, and I wanted to get back to fitness.

  2. I had extended time off, not by choice. But I ended up finding a great job that I loved so there's that. :) Everything works out in the end!

  3. I think you'll be surprised how things we'll come together for you. You're being off may open up opportunities you didn't even know you wanted!

    1. That is exactly what I hope happens. Thanks.

  4. I'm sorry to hear Heather. I hope you find something when you are ready to! Time off from work can be stressful, but you are doing what you need to, to be ahead of the game. Networking is probably the most important and you are on top of it.

    You have good plans! I always say that short trips can be more rewarding than longer trips and less exhausting!